Destination Tiki, Slot Machine #G2E2019 GameCo

GameCo Slot Preview from 2019 Global Gaming Expo (G2E)
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KEY: Most videos are “Double, Bonus or Goose” (DBG). It is live play, sometimes with dead and small spins edited out. Session ends when I get a bonus, I double the original stake, or The Goose shows up. An Hourglass indicates when spins have been edited out to shorten the video. “Whadayaknow” is a bonus in the 1st through 3rd spin.

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4 Responses

  1. Jennifer Goodwin says:

    Just think how bad I feel hearing you say this is very, very simple when I think it is anything but. . And then you recommend the game be played very rapidly — you certainly expect a lot of your older fans, don't you. Well, you young people have a good time playing this game. Bet you could do it on your phones. I'll cheer you on from the sidelines. I'm sure the only thing I could win in this game, Random, is the prize for having the biggest collection of the tokens you get for losing. Sorry – no skill here.

  2. O K says:

    I prefer money over tokens, but I may give this a try. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Katherine Freeman says:

    Fantastic that you feature games from everyone, not just the "big" companies. You always have a lot of uniqueness on your channel. I'd be terrible with Gamer's Edge features. Even if I wasn't a klutz, I don't know that I'd care much for the game. But…something for everyone and they are appealing to a new category of gamblers. Tokens for loses are nice.

  4. Littlebitofnothin' says:

    I'm still unsure about the skill based slot experience. I'm nit a fan of picking on slots. Looks like they're trying to make things more interactive. Thanks for posting.

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