Days Gone – Old Sawmill Zombies Horde Boss Fight (Days Gone 2019) PS4 Pro

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Epic freakers horde boss battle at Old Sawmill in Days Gone

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45 Responses

  1. Diego Riaño says:

    Level easy,,, así quien no que facil subamos ese nivel a ver que pasa

  2. Alkasem Alahmad says:


  3. Trippy Mike says:

    Just ordered the game is it worth it?

  4. Trippy Mike says:

    Why does this game remind me of Far Cry 5? Idk

  5. Slimblue 0791 says:

    This game is f#cking awesome I've only started playing yesterday

  6. M 4! says:

    Head shot that will save your ammo more

  7. christ guz says:

    Pretty boring game tbh

  8. Kool-Aid Man says:

    I was losing my mind in the beginning when you kept throwing the explosives too far. You wasted a good amount of the pipe bombs and frags

  9. Decent Boy says:

    This horde took me 2 hours to beat 😥

  10. TheSpoartsNetwork says:

    I appreciate this run because it was clumsy and showed ways to recover when overwhelmed.

  11. TheStormChasers says:

    This isn’t human

  12. Ggh Ffgh says:

    How does you download it

  13. Charlie Glew says:

    Holy cow I didn’t know a body pile would occur lol

  14. Phon Xieng says:

    i died like 20 times running aorund like an idiot lol

  15. Black Sabbath says:

    Wowwww 😱😱😱😵😵😵, terrificante …

  16. Dwayne Greene says:


  17. Alex Mendoza says:

    This is just like playing world war Z

  18. Don't answer that. A rhetorical question says:

    I would hide in a bush and keep throwing attractors and bombs at em. I’d set up mines as a backup plan as well.

  19. Lynn Phillips says:

    CJ would take flight on all these hordes, He carries dozens of grenades rocket launcher ammo, AK-47, pistols,Smg, all provided by Ammunation!

  20. 김순옥 says:


  21. สมควร รุ้งศรีนาค says:


  22. cristian Olguin says:


  23. Тилек Койчубек says:

    Как скачат


    Bukan kabur aje GOBLOK

  25. Napoleon Borntoparty says:

    Seems like whole city is chasing tf

  26. Frann Rios says:


  27. بنت سوني4 says:

    روعه احسنت

  28. Christina hester says:

    Damn gives me chills down my spine😱😱

  29. lino Brown says:

    C jeu c un truc de malade 🤩🤩❤️❤️ lol

  30. ecgodsmack86 says:

    Can you play this game split screen with 2 players?

  31. andrey_gunner14 says:

    You know what I did? I did the same thing as you at the start by simply hiding and throwing molotovs at them, afterwards I just started running around in circles until I was out of ammo. Then, I jumped on my bike and rode to Lost lake to fill up the ammo … I did that like 4 times before I killed the entire horde 🤣🤣🤣

  32. reaktionskanone says:

    Oh wow you suck

  33. Robert Bell says:

    I given up on this game.The framrate is so bad it ruins it for me.If they don't fix it im gonna sell this piece of shit

  34. 1cetea says:

    Even though he's doing it the right way this is painful to watch for no reason.

  35. joel Arruda says:

    Só eu que fico agoniado vendo vídeos desse game? esses zumbis não acabam chega dar um sufoco.

  36. Levi Little says:

    Tbh Days Gone is probably one of the few unique zombie games I’ve ever played. I absolutely love zombie games I dont know why

  37. the almost gamer says:

    How I did this is just stay outside we're you park but first you have to attract them out they keep going in bring them out I leave to get ammo and come back

  38. Jhon Damanik says:

    Those Zombies are twins Hahahaha.

  39. Meljem Siguenza says:

    Better than resident evil nice game

  40. Bejita666 says:

    Does the game has a New Game+?

  41. Shawn foster says:

    When you open a pack of gum in school

  42. Trey Robertson says:

    So many wrong choices

  43. Ziggy Marley says:

    7:14 that dodge thooooo

  44. Frankiee Alvarez says:

    u suck

  45. Nicole The Author says:

    I finished the game on normal mode… Now I get defeat this horde on survivor mode 😂

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