Days Gone – E3 2016 Gameplay Demo | PS4

Check out the Days Gone gameplay demo from PlayStation’s E3 2016 conference.

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34 Responses

  1. Yakobus Jonathan says:

    I remember this mission, but you make it so cool, I just scroll , run fire, reload, scroll, run, fire haha

  2. FaceRip says:

    This has been my absolute favorite game of the entire generation. This game is more beautiful than any game I may have ever played.

  3. Cunt Academy says:

    Seriously what's the point of shooting at them anymore when there's THAT many 😂Just freaking run would'ya?

  4. Dawdacherno Ceesay says:

    Zobies a bad but you can't fight them

  5. Dead Sinner says:


  6. Danny Wilson Acevedo says:

    Es buen juego lo malo es que apenas actualice a la última versión de software 7.02 me sale error CE-34878-0 y no me deja iniciar el juego

  7. All Types Videos says:


  8. Scott La Bo says:

    The hordes are not this big in the game

  9. TH3M0TH3RFUK3RG4M3R says:

    7:45 when is black friday

  10. BATMAN El Original says:

    I love that camera angle. The game has great animations that can not be apreciate with the actual one.

  11. Christian Martinez says:

    Lol i played nothing like this when I got to this part. I crouched, hid, ran back and forth to my bike to quick save all because of the Nero injector lol

  12. 화랑 says:

    E3 2016 Gameplay Demo: The definition of BADASS
    Me: “Looking at my inventory
    -ran out of gas for bike
    -no more bullets
    -no more explosive
    -Forgot to equip a special weapon
    -(Did not know bike hold more bullets)”
    Running and screaming away from hordes

  13. mateo Trigo says:


  14. Shadow Heart says:

    Just got a plat for this.

  15. Morgan Roose says:

    HOPE to see a PT2 so much fun playing

  16. Magical Pic says:

    Idk whys everyone hating, the games great

  17. DARKHO96 Bionicle & VideoJuegos says:

    Malditas leyes por su culpa days gone no pudo ser mas carnicero de lo que es :'(

  18. Captain Shane says:

    I would have done the same thing run to my bike and ride like no tomorrow

  19. John Doe says:

    See, now this looks fun…Whenever i face a horde its PANIC PANIC PANIC PANIC!! *shuts of console*..

  20. Viktoria Szałata says:

    Gah, this game is amazing, idfc what everyone else says, I didn't have that much fan since Uncharted 4 and TLoU 😀

  21. Andrej Bobrov says:

    Thats too much for me

  22. R0xXx78 says:

    Friends when you got a new bag of weed

  23. Ps4 Gamer says:

    Everyone one whene there is a sale on going

  24. Alexander Rodriguez says:

    Ya me lo pase tremendo juegazo

  25. Hyâcînth Dårk says:


  26. Thomas T says:

    I got this game and like it. I completely forgot about the demo so wasn't expecting it to be this level of quality. This is why I don't bother watching e3 demos.

  27. 阿凱 says:


  28. Aditya Aditya says:

    Bagus sekali game ya… Pingin coba

  29. Ahmet Dik says:

    I finished it months ago. Thanks for the work of the producers

  30. Matias Rodriguez says:

    "I Have A Plain"
    Dutch Van Der Linde – 1899

  31. El Nino alsyaq Nino says:

    Apa kah ada gem nya

  32. Op Sweep says:

    this game was highly disappointing.

  33. Lucas Roman says:

    o jogo veio bem diferente

  34. Цуссман 9 says:

    Он хоть жив или нет?

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