DAYS GONE – 95 Minutes of Gameplay PS4 (2019) Zombie Game

DAYS GONE – 95 Minutes of Gameplay PS4 (2019) Zombie Game

• Release Date: April 26, 2019
• Platform: PS4 EXclusive



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25 Responses

  1. georg georgiev says:

    The Stinger is the worst gun in the whole game!!!

  2. J491 says:

    The entire time I'm watching this like

  3. xoxo xoxo says:

    I believe an underground army really made golems that attack and kill people then they store them and turn them into real zombies they have a goal to take most of the US like that

  4. Hollywood Gold says:

    My favourite game

  5. Crim Rui says:

    We will get realistic graphics but normal movement, never. Is anyone annoyed that you instantly switch weapons?

  6. king singh says:

    How can turnoff the mini map and health bar

  7. TJC2 Cooper says:


  8. Black hwak says:

    locking on enemy is remanded me of uncharted

  9. Epic Player Creator says:

    Using a gun in a zombie apocalypse is like purposely standing on the road waiting for a speeding car with spikes on it to come by and hit you. Meaning: it’s suicide.

  10. Epic Player Creator says:

    You’re an idiot for using a gun in a zombie apocalypse.

  11. Claudiu Rosu says:

    Cel mai prost joc si e si scump

  12. Tom says:

    Damn, playing games with a controller sucks, cant aim for shit!

  13. infinite asap says:

    It's so realistic

  14. la industria Gaming says:

  15. Dread Squad says:

    Name of game must be Bike is Life

  16. Lal Lally says:

    13:14 LMAO🤣

  17. BRAINWASHED says:

    There should be a warning on the box that says you must play this game approximately 10 hours before it starts to get good!

  18. Gaiden Shinji says:

    Looks fucking awful, having a literal retard play it doesn't help.

  19. Adam Mattson says:

    Ummmm either its a difficult game or youre that terrible 🤷‍♂️

  20. JEFF Killer says:

    Como se llama la musica del final

  21. Muhammad Rafay says:

    How could I download days gone for my pc……?

  22. Stephen Brook says:

    Chinese idiot.

  23. jesse B says:

    ca you still get trophies on survival just said 2 but can you do your normal trophies that are in other mode ? or do you just clock it and get those 2

  24. Fawkk YuTuu says:

    Better than overrated GTA V and RDR 2.

  25. Andreas Haas says:

    What the fuck. 😂😂

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