Daddy’s Beemer – Serotonin (Live in a Pool)

Serotonin performed live by Daddy’s Beemer in a drained pool in Clemson, South Carolina.

Audio and Video by Preston D
Daddy’s Beemer is
Brady Sklar (Vocals, Guitar)
Dan Fetterolf (Vocals, Guitar)
Wesley Heaton (Vocals, Bass)
Brandon Gallagher (Drums)

Video shot at University Village of Clemson.


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9 Responses

  1. romulo Santos says:

    Come to Brazil !!!

  2. 999Giles says:

    trying to figure out which pool that is…

  3. Madison says:

    Indoors live next please!!! Love y’all 💖

  4. Mr.Nosegose - says:

    Loved you since 2016, still love the band 2019

  5. Venice Under Water says:

    Holy crap

  6. ThottianasTampon says:

    Keep it coming 👌 love indie music

  7. whosgoingtosaveyou says:

    It’s a bop 🌚🖤

  8. TatsuAce says:

    this is FUCKING fire

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