Cow vs Pig Life – A Minecraft Animation

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INSPIRED BY: “Alien Being”
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original idea by Alien Being
inspired by CrazyDek
brought to you by rusplaying #minecraft #animation #monsterschool


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45 Responses

  1. Sharan Sharan says:


  2. Yesica Huaman Ramirez says:

    Me love pig and cow❤❤❤❤

  3. Jose Sansores says:

    Pobres vacas que castigo les da cancion de justin bieber

  4. Бактыгул Рыскелдиева says:

    21 48

  5. erika ora says:

    3:58 – 4:00 si vamos hazlo siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  6. erika ora says:

    14:03 vamos matalo al cerdo matalo 14:07 si 🙂 🙂

  7. erika ora says:

    4:10 si lo trituraron

  8. erika ora says:

    4:06 si se murio la vaca 🙂

  9. erika ora says:

    3:54 hay es tan hermoso

  10. al-lbar nanda oma maen says:

    luzzul mucow al-afi

  11. al-lbar nanda oma maen says:

    pig az zakra

  12. R.R.Z says:

    3:50 XDDDDDDD

  13. Evan Bell says:

    Stupid pigs they're ugly and fat

  14. Evan Bell says:

    Poor cow

  15. Hokage indonesia says:


  16. Ocoy Bro says:


  17. JulkaJ30 says:

    Niz zabijaj tej kruwki

  18. Акку Танбаева says:


  19. Владислав Волошин says:


  20. Prisci Vaca says:


  21. Rosemary Daly says:

    The pig one was amazing

  22. Hell No says:

    Hahahha stupid cows

  23. Flavio Aparecudo Damaceno says:

    Eu conheço esse cara de verde escuro que pegou a vaca

    Ele já matou 4 porcos num vídeo dele mais ele apagou

  24. EDGAR JIMENEZ says:

    Mide doce soy españoles putos

  25. Henrique Rick says:

    Excelent animals!

  26. Solange Torres says:

    0:12 I love you

  27. Flavinia Barboza says:

    Mata o bebê porco por favor

  28. Flavinia Barboza says:

    Mata o bebê porco

  29. Naya Vaughan says:

    Sad and happy pig and mucca

  30. yono yono says:


  31. Shafa Satya says:

    My no minicref

  32. Noah Clever says:


  33. el mostafa Meghraoui says:

    الخنزير 🐖

  34. Alan lover says:

    How name song 0:04

  35. lightgirl 058828 says:

    When pigs fly 😂😂

  36. Baharuddin baharuddin says:

    Kok tida gamemode kreatif yah 😅

  37. اميره زماني says:


  38. yeidy cuevas says:

    Esto es triste lleve o al reto 10.00para qué todos rebiban😩😩😩😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  39. Erdem K says:

    Ah Justin bieber

  40. The happy piano 298 says:

    Poor pig

  41. Ttd ggzggzzlz says:


  42. batin naranjin says:

    I want to throw up

  43. Rodrigo Meniano says:


  44. Ozlem Sert says:

    That’s. mean

  45. parengaio Cookie says:

    Cow poop 😂

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