Contact Form 7 Attach File To Email *Not A File Upload*

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Contact Form 7 Attach File To Email *Not A File Upload*

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How to build a Contact Form 7 form:

Link to upload multiple files with CF7:

Link on how to view files in the dashboard video: coming soon

Link to how to add images to an email video: coming soon

By “attach a file to email”, what I mean is attaching a file from the server to the email. This can be sent to your team as a notification with PDF instructions on how to follow up on the new lead. Or you can attach a PDF to the email sent to the person who filled out your form with more information about how you can help them. I show you how to add files from the media library and from on your server, outside of the media library.

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40 Responses

  1. WordPress Tutorials - WPLearningLab says:

    If you enjoyed this video don't forget to the like it and subscribe! Then check out this playlist about doing nearly everything with Contact Form 7:

  2. Abdullah Shoaib says:

    Hi Sir,
    Can you tell me if i can send attachment conditionally? when specific dropdown option is selected then send attachment? is it possible?

  3. Daniel Ignacio says:


  4. ilv14 says:

    Thank You so much

  5. Shivam gandhi says:

    thankyou so much. it helps me a lot.. 😀 but I have one more question for you could you tell me which software you can use for making this video.

  6. Graphic Society says:

    Excellent! thank you.

  7. Keven Reis says:

    Thanks! It worked!

  8. helder postiga says:

    I there a way of adding link for the file instead of file attachement ?

  9. Marius says:

    Thank you sir, i struggled for a few hours without success until i found your the contact form is working like a charm.

  10. HAIFA Ben Slama says:

    Thank you 🙂

  11. Nicolás Vera says:

    Man, love you! You saved me big time here.

  12. pri durge says:

    When I attached file,
    1. it take too much time to send
    2. File sending option/icon display continuously even after send file

    How it's possible and how can I resolve it

  13. Sven says:

    This has been very, very HELPFUL – thank you so much!!!

  14. Harmeet Singh says:

    Please confirm how we can send Post Attachment. Attachment in PDF format its possible ??

  15. Slobodan Miletic says:

    I want to set up the File Attachment, but there is no “File Attachment field” (this: What I miss?

  16. FullerDesignsIt says:

    Thanks mate, big help!

  17. Junior Brother says:

    Thanks boss for your helpful tips…..

  18. Ygor Doring says:

    Valeeeeuuuuuuuuuuuuu…. Thank u very much

  19. Mario Van Rymenant says:

    Tnx for the great video. Can i send more than one picture via email ?

  20. William Augusto Muñoz Malavé says:

    Thanks a lot from Venezuela, you´ve saved my morning

  21. Michael says:

    Thanks for the tutorial, can users upload multiple files from a mobile phone using this?

  22. Avalanche Multimedia says:

    Very helpful! Thank you

  23. Muhammad Atif says:

    Thank You so much. You was real relief for me at the moment.

  24. Prasad Lokhande says:

    Sir PDF should be generated as it is by filling CF7 successfully….there below, user would have a print button to print that form as it is…
    Sir make make coding for it soon and launch new video on that…plz sir…plz …I am waiting sir…🙏🙏🙏🙏

  25. Леоненко Алексей says:

    1 Mb = 1000 000 b 🙂 not 10 millions

  26. Prasad Lokhande says:

    sir i am your big indian fan sir…. and today i need to your help ….plz help me make video on " How To generate pdf after successfully filling contact form 7" in that pdf we should information of that person who'll filled that form…plz make video sir… i have many tension by my client make it for one your indian fan ….i am waiting sir… palz make it fast and fast… & i want to your whats app number

  27. Roger Morales says:

    Hello i need a script like contact form with email send and upload file to my server and i will get link to this file in email.Somebody seen this ?

  28. Ljuljica says:

    Hello! I have a question. I have a job board site. And I want, when I receive an application form with a pdf file attached to it, I want the file to go to the specific media library folder. I don't know how to make that path. Thanks in advance.
    PS. Your tutorials are great! 🙂

  29. Sabirul Islam says:

    Thanks a lot, Bjorn. I have done many jobs by help your tutorials. Please, Make another tutorial for how to add zip code validation field (with dynamically add the zip code by select help from zip code list. like this

  30. Kris Snider says:

    Hello Bjorn, thank you for the super helpful explanations! Do you sometimes find that this solution does not work right away, or that the message is marked as Dangerous by Gmail?

  31. Dipak Chauhan says:

    Thanks alot brother….Really Help me…

  32. Edson Carrias says:

    Nice tutorial Thanks you

  33. বুদ্ধির ঢেঁকি (Buddhir Dhenki) says:

    How to add multiple file types – like, doc, docx, pdf? I used | (Pipe) as per another tutorial of yours, but that does not work. Shows all file types!

  34. StekoxX says:

    Thanks a lot!

  35. sartul says:

    Nice tutorial

  36. Marc Ménard says:

    Thanks for the video Bjorn, always a treat to see you in the inBox! I imagine it would be relatively simple to share a link to a file that is on the cloud, like on OneDrive, Google Drive or something similar, provided we created the link with the proper settings (view only) to be able to send it? This way, I could send a large file to anyone I want and not create storage problems on the server? I have a 2 GB ceiling quota for my site, so that's something I need to manage carefully.

  37. Abdelkader Cherif says:

    hi bro .. I return to use WordPress .. and I like ur tutorial

  38. Imdad Ali says:

    login procedure

  39. aniket vichare says:

    Thanx alot i was waiting for this video i was using send pdf to cf7 plugin

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