Cocktales with Tiki King, episode 92, Boiler makers

Tonight we get down to business, and that business is drinking! so we go out to the shop to blow off some steam, and knock back a few boiler makers!

Cocktales with Tiki King! Chock full of bartending hints, tips, cocktail recipes, bartending secrets, humor, drunken nonsense, truth, lies, funny hats, surprise locations, and lots more! Tiki King, considered by many to be a guy who makes drinks, and actually known by others to be a drunk who makes more drunks, goes live every Tuesday to bring you the harsh truth about smooth drinks! More than just another booze themed attempt to get viewers, Cocktales with Tiki King has become the go-to Tuesday evening liquor looker for those in the know. Do you have what it takes to be a Boozeketeer? throw down your liver and find out!


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