[CH/JP/VN/TH] [EVENT] EP.2 “Is this possible?” Mysterious Girl’s $100 Mission

💸5 million subscribers’(?) YouTuber tells you about SHILLA DFS’s practical Tip! (Offline version)💸
Can you imagine that you can buy 9 Brand Cosmetics only for $100?
I know,,, you might be wonder how it works.

But don’t worry! Let’s go shopping together to SHILLA DFS with her
And put Bling Bling Make-up on for Year-end party
(Follow Follow her~) (Subscribe her, too!)

🎉[OMS EP.2 $100 Mission #Event for Year-End Party Make-up]🎉
How many cosmetics products did Sinber buy?
If you know the answer, please comment below~

-Period: 11.21(Thu) – 11.28(Thu)
-Announce: 12.02(Mon) through Comments and Community (10 people)
-Presents: DERMACOL Make-up Cover Foundation or STILA Heaven’s Dew all over the glimmer (Random)

※ Promotion Event in this clip will be held until run out of stocks ※
※ Please check out SHILLA DFS homepage to get information about delivery platform of Airport ※
Homepage ▶ Pickup guide (the last icon on the right side Bar)

ShillaDFS 👇
[EN] 901843

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24 Responses

  1. HA NAN says:

    She bought 9 cosmetics products with 100 USD

  2. Ega Septiana says:

    She bought 9 cosmetic products with 100 USD.
    #ShillaStudio #OhMyShilla
    #TheShillaDutyFree #ShillaDFS

  3. Yunda Yasin says:

    She bought 9 products for $96

  4. Maryem Ait Ahmed says:

    she's bought 9 products!

  5. eun mary says:

    she's bought 9 cosmetic products.

  6. Cherry Blossom says:

    she's bought 9 cosmetic products, btw I enjoyed the video !

  7. Nong Nymnual says:

    Sinber bought 9 cosmetic products! I know it's hard to resist not to buy.

  8. Seol Mun says:

    9 products!

  9. sam kim says:

    she ended up buying 9 cometics products …it's abig deal with just 100 dollars

  10. Hanalee Lim says:

    She bought 9 products in total 💖 the Too Cool for School shading is worth it!

  11. Dezlee Marquez says:

    She was able to bought 9 cosmetics products in Shilla DFS using ONLY 100$!! What a catch! I am also planning to buy in Shilla since a lot of products are on sale. 💕

  12. Jed Rattikal says:

    Sinber bought 9 cosmetics products with only $100 !!! Thank you for the great video. I want to go shopping at Shilla Duty Free too.

  13. อัสมา มาราสา says:

    ซื้อทั้งหมด 9 ชิ้นค่ะ . She bought 9 cosmetics product😆

  14. Gno Rhee says:

    구독하고 좋아요 했어요. 신라면세점 너무 좋아요!! 이번달 12월6일 중국 출장 12월22일 미국 가는데 꼭 들르겠습니다.

  15. 오혜미 says:

    it's 9 products with only 100USD!!
    She is so cute^^ shilladfs zzang!!!

  16. DYLAN N says:

    total 9 products were purchased!!! btw she is soooo adorable♡♡♡ godspeed to 5,000,000 subscribers!!!

  17. 골치박TV says:

    Oh my goooood! Lucky 9!!! OK???
    Bless you.

  18. Suga Putri says:

    it's total 9 products that she bought with 100USD… can't wait for happy new year yeayyy

  19. Kin Soekjin says:

    it's 9 products with only 100USD…..thankyou so much for another event…..

  20. kin namjoon says:

    sinber-nim buying 9 products… i was so surprised that she can get 9 produts with only 100USD… SDF is always so great huwaaaaaa

  21. Ava Putri says:

    she's bought 9 cosmetic products… btw why is her sound so cute, i'm devastated

  22. Ava Rizkinda Putri says:

    Sinber buying 9 products. I really love this video, she's so cute :)))

  23. shielfa nirma says:

    Sinber-nim buying 9 products!
    this video really funny i like it! PDnim be patient with her hahahaha need more video like thisㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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