Catholic Teaching on IVF and Contraception Explained

For many people, the Catholic Church’s teaching on in vitro fertilization and contraception is a hard one, but it is in concordance with the nature of things. The nature of a thing, as Fr. MIke puts it, is its “what-it’s-for-ness”. Sex is for procreation and the unity of the couple. Equally important is the fact that sex, not in vitro fertilization, is the natural way to bring forth a new life. Contraception and in vitro fertilization violate the nature of not only sex, but also the nature of the person and life itself.

If you feel that this teaching prohibits you from being truly happy, Fr. Mike offers encouragement. It may not seem fair to us at first, but the deep abiding peace we acquire from living by God’s plan is better than anything we could acquire by doing things our way.


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39 Responses

  1. Buffi Cliff says:

    The Catholic position on IVF could easily be that all embryos created in the process must be given a chance. Embryos can also be donated to other infertile couples in an open adoption or closed adoption.

  2. Yin Yang says:

    If I ever have offspring will be using surrogacy

  3. Jose Catt says:

    it´s not "bonding and babies". That´s a lie. It´s 1.Babies,2.bonding. Destruct the hierarchy and you have nfp.

  4. Jose Catt says:

    Fr. Mike, what´s the point in keeping in communion with a fake church that promote birth control through NFP?
    Pope PivsXI. Casti Connubi: "any use whatsoever of matrimony exercised in such a way that the act is deliberately frustrated in its natural power to generate life is an offense against the law of God and of nature, and those who indulge in such are branded with the guilt of a grave sin.(…) no reason, however grave, may be put forward by which anything intrinsically against nature may become conformable to nature and morally good. Since, therefore, the conjugal act is destined primarily by nature for the begetting of children, those who in exercising it deliberately frustrate its natural power and purpose sin against nature and commit a deed which is shameful and intrinsically vicious."

  5. Eg L says:

    "make it stick-ier." best quote ever

  6. Mlle Roselys says:

    I cried

  7. Courtney AG says:

    Thank you father for saying the truth 🙂

  8. Lia Hofstetter says:

    oh, don’t you worry. you absolutely didn’t address this like an intelectual issue. I wouldn’t know where to start to explain how terribly wrong this is. to any one reading this: if you want a child and it doesn’t happen the natural way, go for IVF. and if you don’t want to child but want to have sex (for one of the other resons people have sex, which is not mentioned in this video, namely JUST FOR FUN), use contraception. and if you’re pregnant and still don’t want a child, I hope you life in a safe place where you can have an abortion. you don’t need anyone to tell you is good for you or your heart. YOU know best, trust yourself and you will be fine. you are perfect the way you are.

  9. John Bolwell says:

    Fr Mike – the world over, Catholic faithful need to hear this kind of preaching weekly from the pulpit. The lack of this deep pastoral care of the faithful from our shepherds is exactly why so many faithful have lost their way. The sheep have scattered and the questions need to be why? and what are our shepherds doing to gather them? Above all, our shepherds must ensure they do not sow further confusion amongst the faithful by compromising on Catholic doctrine: The October 13th 1973 message of Akita said "The church will be full of those who will accept compromises,…" Thank you for your incredible love of your sheep. God bless you!

  10. Thomas Just says:

    This is way more deep that I thought, so much that I will be thinking about this for the entire week if not month, thank you father

  11. Sue Pritchard says:

    That was a really sensitive discussion of a tricky topic. Thank you 🙏

  12. 7/11 Truther. says:

    Why do you catholics so insist on forcing populations to live, breed and die as animals do? Contraceptives help stem the growth of poverty and STDs. Telling people that contraceptives are bad is a grave evil that rests on all your shoulders.

  13. walt barrand says:

    Amen A gift from heaven my chidden

  14. Justyna Cwynar says:

    God allows kids to die every day (illness, war, starvation…), He designed a woman to naturally abort embryos, and yet we can't help couples because embryos stay in the fridge? Yeah… this is a reason I have a hard time staying a Catholic.

  15. Sebastian Melmoth says:

    Considering that St Mary is the greatest example of surrogacy in history… I really don't see the problem.

  16. Raul Tovela says:

    Beautiful Truth

  17. Greeneyed Latina says:

    Thank you Fr. Mike, my spouse and I have been together for almost 20 years and we have been blessed with 3 beautiful children. I had 2 miscarriages and in 2010 our 3rd child was born. My husband decided he wanted a vasectomy after our 3rd child due to my high risk pregnancies and how sick I get. Should he reverse it? I want to follow God’s path.

    God bless
    Please pray for us
    The Perez’s

  18. JC B says:

    What if you take contraception for problems with menstruation?

  19. paigey poo says:

    The sex parts makes sense, but ivf is way different. Ivf is a miracle for so many couples, and gives couples that virtually can’t have kids a chance at kids.

  20. Mrs. Willson says:

    Wow. I am speechless. This man is truth 💓

  21. ada suada says:

    I love in general all of his videos and the nice way on how he explains everything. This is one of the first that I don’t agree. I have loved having kids all the time. Waited until I was 24 to date . And been only with one man in my life, my husband , the father of my child. I have been blessed by god to have a child inside me with our first try, but just because I’ve been lucky does not mean that I can tell people that love a child to death, that is a sin to do ivf, is again church and bla bla bla. If you can’t conceive a child ., go do ifv and whatever is needed to have that child. Don’t let church tell you that is a sin, because I’m sure that Jesus will understand you. And that’s all you need to know, be sure that you are not committing a crime, and is still a beautiful thing., and God will give you that child in that way, because if god did not wanted to , we couldn’t get the spirit down to our baby no matter how many eggs we fertilize.

  22. Sally Cole says:

    One more thing about my incredible Catholic mother will be 88 years old tomorrow!! ? She held her ground at a protestant Bible study
    when she said, "It seems you want God in every aspect of your lives but the bedroom. I walked the walk and had eight children.
    and when I delivered my last child. Then and only then did I know that was my last." God's will be done! I love you Mom!!!!

  23. Sally Cole says:

    What about vasectomy or hysterectomy for birth control? The covert catholic birth control…???
    I am one of eight children. I remember my Catholic mother saying back in the day, these catholic women with 2 and three children are all getting hysterectomies because they don't want to take birth control.. Now, the in thing is vasectomy for men…its common place.
    Its sterilization! What you say about that unless of course it is for medical reasons…

  24. Melinda Anne says:

    I definitely do not feel like God loves me. No, I’m not depressed, he just answers all my prayers with a big fat NO. It’s like if there’s a trial, God’s going to give it me. I was a Protestant and we used birth control after our first 2, now we’re off and trying for 6 years and doctors say we should be able to have children and nope, secondary infertility. We’ve done everything, but no baby. Not being able to have more children is not the only trial we have. There are so many. More than the average family. I mean every time we get our footing, there’s another trial. I mean just stop already!! God If you love me just stop!!!

  25. Colleen Casey says:

    I can not quite find the words yet as I'm thinking this through, but something sounds contradictory in this explanation. Or it seems like the answer is incomplete.

  26. Sheila Tabone says:

    I can understand and relate to everything you said Father Mike Schmitz. I gave all my embryos a chance, but as happens frequently in nature, not all developed. One did, though, and she has made us whole and has made us better, and continues to do so. Therein lies my issue: though I have confessed (and was absolved) that I knowingly defied the Church’s teachings, how can I be truly sorry? Every time my mind asks me this question, I sin again. How can God really forgive me? I feel that I can never be forgiven and this makes me feel unworthy of being in His presence.

  27. Kaitlyn says:

    What if one uses contraception for different reasons other than birth control? What is a woman was using the pill as treatment for heavy periods, acne, endometriosis, menstrual headaches, anemias, ovarian cysts, uterine cancer, or otherwise? What would be the correct Catholic stance on this?

  28. Rhonda Santoro says:

    My children are not a commodity, were never a commodity, and are very human.

  29. Rí Ku says:

    Thank you!!! This needed to be said!

  30. Jenny Stoudt says:

    "Do I want a child enough to make that child a commodity?"
    Unfortunately, and all too often, people answer that question with a yes. 🙁

  31. Michelle Lipe says:

    Fr. Mike thank you for this talk. I have a question about Natural Family Planning- NFP: if working against conception is bad for us as humans, then creating and using a method, like a pill or a condom, is also bad for us. I think (I’m interested in your position on this), that the creation of a plan that can aid in the prediction of when a woman’s body is most likely to conceive (NFP – is something that has been developed and taught- to me it’s a form of algorithm/equation which has inherent intellectual property )- it is not natural it is a practice to use just like a pill to prevent conception, and is also not good for us. I’m very interested in your comments. Thank you for allowing this discussion.

  32. blablabla nogmeetbla says:

    I would love to know your opinion on adoption. Would this not be the most catholic way to have a child since you're taking someone in and clothing them, feeding them etc.

  33. Reece McCormack says:

    This is a difficult teaching, but I do agree with him.

  34. mweb1 says:

    Only God is all-merciful and all-forgiving.

  35. mweb1 says:

    The rhythm method rarely works.

  36. mweb1 says:

    No more kids for me. I have already done my part for fatherhood and it is no church's or government's business.

  37. Virginia Zaraza Rusu says:

    Better than IVF –> Adoption: a child receives the love he couldn't receive from his original family, and you receive the gift of someone who will become your child <3

  38. Richard Carrington says:

    I have a sincere question because I might be missing something. But if one of the functions of sex is to bond with your spouse, then would not the purpose still be fulfilled if using contraceptives? I’m thinking also of the natural scenario of old couples bonding through sex even though they are past child bearing years. This would seem more like the sitting on the table analogy than fixing your car on the table.

  39. Julian Burr says:

    So do Catholics not pull out?

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