Cast Tiki Face Bottle Opener #2019openersopen

This is my entry to the #2019openersopen challenge colab thing.
Used lost foam covered in plaster of paris in slightly damp sand. Used just can aluminum for this cause i have a lot of it.
Didn’t take to much clean up work thanks to the plaster.
Turned out way better then I thought it would.
This killed my cheap little angle grinder. But I also got a new toy.


Thank you for reading the description
Here’s a bunny
( – -)
((‘) (‘)


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12 Responses

  1. terrahawk2003 says:

    I like it I might try to make one too!

  2. War Grade says:

    Good effort. Your spine gate didn't need to be so large, on the back, You would have got away with a blind riser.
    When cutting Alu, lubricate with diesel or WD40 (or such like).
    Painted and placed on your wall that will look great.


  3. Ask Questions, Try Things says:

    Nice job. Ready for BBQ season… it's a good nose job

  4. James C. says:

    Great job! Definitely unique!

  5. Olfoundryman says:

    Well that turned out pretty well – not to shabby at all it looks great – well done… Martin
    PS. Half the appreciation of beer is the aroma and you need the cap under your nose to appreciate that 😊

  6. Paul's Garage says:

    That's awesome! Love the nose job you gave him 👍

  7. Ralph Mourik says:

    Awesome work, reminds me of Crash Bandicoot, judging by your shirt that must have been your insperation for your project,
    I am spending the whole day watching others make their openers,
    this is a very cool event, I will be watching more of your work👍👍👍
    Mine has just been uploaded 👍

  8. swdweeb says:

    Sorry, but I laughed when the cap got stuck in the nose too. Nice job!

  9. Nerd Harmony says:


  10. Nerd Harmony says:

    Scoring the foam and hitting it with heat would have been easier for the teeth. The heat “opens” the scoring.

  11. Another Block says:

    greatly enjoyed watching this great work

  12. Metalscrapper says:

    Really liked this one!! LOL that bottle cap stuck under the nose 😂 that made me laugh. Great job! 👍👍

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