Blade & Soul | 64 Bit Client Possible Fix!

Finally fixed the damn client which has been broken for weeks now. Seriously, I should not havce to put in this much work to get a game working. But apparently that is how it is. Hopefully this could help you getting your 64 bit working again.

Solution I tried before bnsbuddy:

Not sure if this works but since I did that before bnsbuddy I will just leave it here, it has mixed results. It may have contributed to it or not.


EDIT: So after wednesdays (16-05-2018) maintenance I started my 64 bit client normally and it did some repairing and suddenly it was functioning again like normal. I don’t understand this seriously. They must be messing with us somehow. Never had such random results. You can still use bns buddy obviously for optimisation. Just weird that it stops working and suddenly out of nowhere it works again.

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24 Responses

  1. Lonewolf Gaming says:

    I thought I had problems with it because I successfully downloaded it but it would not open the game, now it says that it must update, other time I tried deleting it but it opened the game and It was working but it was buggy…

  2. Avi says:

    seems it made it better however the 64bit still doesnt launch up BUT playable 😀

  3. Selim Kaplan says:

    invalid game client file please update the game client or reinstall (1006) (183) error , please help
    Do you have information about this error ?

  4. chris navarro says:

    at least i know i'm not the only person having problems with B&S.
    If it ain't broke don't Fix it.

  5. Chjonne says:

    My game not even show at all, I cannot play at all what do I do?

  6. Shane Nickens says:

    I installed the game but when i hit " start game" the NC thing will minimize for a few seconds and then it'll pop back up, but the game wont even launch 🙁

  7. STOP57oO says:

    I have 64 bit but when i start the game with 64bit client i have drop fps.
    And when i change the client to 32bit and start the game , i dont have fps drop but after few minutes the game crashes.
    So any1 knows the solution ?

  8. Wabb says:

    When I downloaded BNSBuddy windows found a trojan, nice.

  9. Tahzib Hussaini says:

    only the Taiwanese BnS works for me…..NA/EU crashes after maintenance, the launcher needs to be downloaded and even then the .exe file doesnt run….and after multiple re-downloads the xigncode3 stops at the loading…..3 years ago this problem was there, came back 3 years later….same problem……

  10. Rev. Huey says:

    nothing wrong with using BnS Buddy

  11. Blue Cherry says:

    and i believe that u are already banned 🙂 because this program is not legal at all

  12. Yannick Biemans says:

    thank you, i finaly opened it

  13. rafael12104 says:

    Well, it works. For some reason 64 bit stopped working after this last update in October. BnS Buddy fixed it. Pretty damn ironic that and add on like BnS Buddy is the best way to launch the game. Heh. Amazing.

  14. Doman57 says:

    Works for me, thank you very much!!! 🙂

  15. kenki says:

    could you ples do some pvp montage videos Cause your game is so smouth And i like it

  16. kenki says:

    I tink im in love whit an App This app Makes you wana play more It takes The fuking LOding Screne to make It faster MAin im going to cry IM using a fuking 710 GT invidia Im lierly Going to cry THis Legendairy app or you Man Sresly Man tank you

  17. Kevyn says:

    whoa welcome back to BNS! Been a while!

  18. OneFlyMind says:

    Do you think there are any solutions for broken chats? On my character i can only see 'Say' or 'Whisper'.

  19. NinjaofSilence says:

    Thank you very much now I can play 64 bit again ! <3

  20. MisterMumbly says:

    I don't know if this video is related, but I'm stuck at the splash screen. someone help.

  21. Ace says:


  22. 0okai says:

    had this problem like 11 times, some times restting some settings in cmd works, other times it magically fixes itself after a week.

  23. DankoZee says:

    Try this. It helped me without BnSbuddy

  24. Gabriel Norton says:

    Are you playing on divine dragon again?

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