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ARCHICAD is a Building Information Modeling (BIM) software application used by architects, designers, engineers and builders to professionally design, document and collaborate on building projects.

See what BIM is all about, and why ARCHICAD is the obvious choice of so many in the industry, in this introductory video, meant for anyone who is a bit familiar with todays AEC design tools.

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4 Responses

  1. Quang Huy Võ says:


  2. BAH PIERRE Yao says:

    archicad bas made a big progressivement but revit stays thé n'est.

  3. Legalizacija NS says:

    For the Serbian subtitles.
    Kako uključiti SRPSKI titl:
    1. UKLJUČITE TITLOVE – kliknite i aktivirajte dugme "cc" (na prozoru videa, dole desno, najlevlje)
    2. PREBACITE NA SRPSKI JEZIK – kliknite na dugme Settings (na prozoru videa, dole desno, drugo sa leve strane), u delu Subtitles/CC odaberite "Serbian" kao jezik

  4. Maryam Folath says:

    how is ArchiCad better than Revit?

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