best vampire games of all time

best vampire games of all time games that let you play as a vampaire with full powers and abilities these are the top vampire games of all time
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1: vampire the masquerade bloodlines 2
2 : The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard
3 : Vampyr
4 : Infamous 2: Festival of Blood
5 : Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

i do not own any of these videos these trailers are released by game makers this video is informing about this games if you want the game buy it . thank you


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  1. Chris Pines says:

    Anyone know how to play infamous? It’s not on steam or Xbox

  2. Johnny Wall says:

    What name of the game

  3. Black Lamb says:

    Vampyr and Vampire the Masquerade are awesome games to be honest. Bloodlines is epic to me, can't wait for this new one. Can already tell, the gameplay and story will be awesome.

  4. X365 ch says:

    💥Good game and cool video !👍🌸🎮🚀

  5. Najouta Najet says:

    Cool video my ffiend

  6. BRUTALSAM says:

    I still haven't finished Vampyr, just wanted to say thanks for the support

  7. Gaming Plus TV says:

    Keep up the great work, awesome channel. Liked 8

  8. Cristi Nicola says:

  9. Gamerdonkey says:

    Love me some Elder scrolls!

  10. Mr. Wallygoes says:

    A nice compilation! 👍😊🖐
    There are really some good ones .. 👌😃✌
    Thanks for sharing .. 👍🖐
    Best regards,

  11. Average Guys Gaming says:

    Good stuff What games need!! Man that was pretty cool! And a definite possibility to play! Great video, keep them coming and hope to see you around soon

  12. L .k says:

    Bravooo Men aned khouk LK rappeur

  13. Kienan4321 says:

    Woah, this game looks cool

  14. what games need says:

    please subscribe my friends if you want to watch more videos

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