Best Mechanical Keyboard Ever – Akko x Ducky 3084 Review

AKKO X Ducky Mechanical Keyboard :
Summer prime sale :
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My favorite mechanical keyboard till date. The Akko x Ducky 3084 is not only beautiful it is very functional and fantastic to use.

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Shot on the Fujifilm X-H1

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33 Responses

  1. Kagan says:

    What Keyboard do you currently use?

  2. Nishan Goswami says:

    is it possible to mod this with an aluminum case

  3. Fearz ‘ says:

    i had bought this on wish for 88 and it doesnt work ;c I plugged it in and it doesnt woirk it be REALLY cool if u can review it thanks

  4. QUICK VUE says:

    This keyboard looks so clean. And amazing video

  5. Rick Aqua says:

    Your videos are relaxing 😄 love it

  6. Agni Sen says:

    Hi I recently got this. The keyboard is working great in wireless mode with phone. I am trying to use it with my Win 10 laptop in wired mode. However, I can't type anything. Only the led above Prt Sc is on. Can you help me out with this?

  7. Артур Зиннатуллин says:

    Не понятно

  8. carr1e says:

    Cherry mx red ?

  9. z0rrer0 says:

    Nice video. Could you share all the FN Shortcuts?

  10. Masocre says:

    where is a backlit version available?

  11. Masocre says:

    Thanks for the review. I'm on the fence about this or the vortex race 3 rgb. I think we have the same vertical Autley mouse which is pretty random lol

  12. Charles says:

    good review ty ,are you sponsored for this video ?

  13. D4rwin says:

    Use Red Switch or Brown Switch ?

  14. Umbra says:

    I just bought the grey wireless version, can't wait for my first Browns experience and also the 75% layout!

  15. Amferro2 says:

    Hello, what a nice video!
    Only question I have is: this keyboard has both media keys and volume keys with the FN? I can't find much info about this KB at all and those keys are a absolute must for me (using noppo choc mini with cherry reds atm).

  16. Jairo Da Pyro says:

    Bought this by accident a couple of months ago on newegg. And man.. I use it for gaming and I have no regrets what's so ever

  17. Kiwika says:

    can this keyboard connect wireless :)))

  18. Dana Red says:

    Cool video, nice production.

  19. SensationalLulu says:

    omg u r black. Good vid quality <3 instant sub

  20. name's ash, housewares says:

    a good mech keyboard review needs a klick klack sound test

  21. Алексей Хоум says:

    What an amazing picture👍

  22. Greeny says:

    Im definitely getting this soon

  23. House of Ray says:

    aww, the keyboard looks so pretty

  24. House of Ray says:

    Okay, so I'm here!

  25. u w a a says:

    "i dont even own a soldering iron so im not even gonna try"
    me looking at others' beautifully modded mech keebs.

  26. Greensama says:

    no rgb on this one ?

  27. Waka Girl says:

    Love the keyboard!! The colour though 😍😍 the background music ❤️

  28. SIMBIAT SADIQ says:

    First, the keyboard is beautiful

  29. sijil o says:

    White cut cakes

  30. Ayobami Okanlawon says:

    Side printed inscriptions….nice concept

  31. Joyce Odemena says:

    I think the most interesting thing for me is where the keys are.. seems perfect for typing trials. Gunning for 105 words per minute avg 😀 Plus easy on the fingers and looks like candy? Sold!

  32. FRED'S TECH HUB says:

    Awesome content as always, yeah, the one with BT and backlit is the way to go

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