BECOMING A TIKI SUN GOD w/ Tiny Turtle| Minecraft Dragon Fire

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BECOMING A TIKI SUN GOD w/ Tiny Turtle| Minecraft Dragon Fire

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39 Responses

  1. Chini romero says:

    Little Kelly, you can name your nation, the “Evergreen Grove” or “Evergreen Nation” as it flourishes with life within the flames of death from your wild dragon enemies, to which your nation is born by you and your green fire dragon, Oz!!!

  2. patawee baiyai says:

    Why youdrop the epiclootbag

  3. hillybean2001 says:

    he stole the it from the starter aero

  4. Matr1x gamer_yt says:

    Ropo stole the egg

  5. Matr1x gamer_yt says:

    He stole the dragon from the spawn its bronze he is a thief

  6. Richard Lang says:

    Jack got a new Dragon

  7. Gheb Gsk’s says:

    Name ur nation emerald city

  8. Venom cool Kids says:

    I know that a stage 5 fire dragon or ice dragon can drop a egg

  9. Kelly cat fuck says:

    Smoke crack

  10. Brandi the queen of dance says:

    I miss Minecraft dragons and lavender, midnight, and dust and dawn

  11. Charlie Langley says:

    Yay I love these videos

  12. Galaxy Gamer says: save youtube by signing this petition if your 15+ you can do it with or with not asking your parents but under 15 MUST ask them first (this is for saving youtube from COPPA help us save youtube)

  13. Brendan Jodouin-paquette says:

    WWE superstars nxt ? #littlekelly #MINECRAFT

  14. Auni Syafiqah says:

    Kill the tiki god and take the mask please

  15. Eva Dalton says:

    Ok….when the first monsters at night time came,I flipped my phone couse I *thought they were spiders 😂

  16. Prem Bhandari says:

    Can you give me a Shout out.i Love your video and I also heard if you say the youtuber names Five times that they will give you a shout out so I’m gonna try that out Little Kelly ,little Kelly,little kelly,little kelly, Little Kelly

  17. Little Izzy says:

    Oz needs to fly next episode make oz fly please

  18. Mashi Alee says:

    When I see the Title Goes crazy XD Wait am I early?

  19. Jose Turcios says:

    I will tlla ropo

  20. Cotton Candy Panda says:

    I watched little Kelly when I was 7 and saw the video of her saying that she’s quitting YT so I stopped watching and I told my little sister about your castle and how you stopped then I searched up your name and you posted this 25 minutes ago

  21. Hailey Vesce says:

    Love the vids!!!!!!!^_^

  22. Israel Figueroa says:


  23. Kendall Buhler says:

    He stole the egg from the starting point

  24. Davin Taylor says:

    Who thinks little lizard and tiny turtle and Kelly should record in this sides who agers like me if you do

  25. Ciri Cipher. says:

    Little Kelly get a big chicken(cacotrice)

  26. Sean Playz_YT says:

    Ropo stole the last dragon egg at spawn

  27. Andres Sandoval says:

    Little Kelly U should name ur nation the Little Nation. What do u think?

  28. Samantha Knightly says:

    Ropo stole the last dragon egg

  29. JCPS YouTube channel says:

    Please turn evil little Kelly good give me lots of likes if you want this to happen and maybe evil little Kelly and Carly and little Kelly and Carly could all work together to try and get rid of Ramona before she can cause more harm to the family because she’s the one who made evil Kelly and Carly’s life miserable and she should pay she should be in prison and lose her powers like if you want my story to happen

  30. ellism219 says:


  31. Davin Taylor says:

    Ropo stole the egg from the start place likes if you

  32. Gabriel Perez says:

    who else is a true fan

  33. GalaxyPanda Gaming says:

    U should breed your dragon with little lizard

  34. Vanessa Ramirez says:

    Kelly can i have a shout out love your vids❤💕

  35. NobleJesse says:

    I think there should be a kind of Olympic games That happens whenever where there is a chest/pedistol with a dragon egg or something rare that you have to win through Eg. pardkour,Fighting mobs or treasure hunt* .(This will be a chance for Ropo and his friend to get a dragon)
    Please like so LK can see and talk to everyone about this

  36. agcaseyLA says:

    YaY im early for once,lol

  37. Yanet De la rosa says:

    Robert got the egg from the village

  38. Sophie Furlong says:

    Hiiiii I love your VIDS xxxxxx

  39. Ciri Cipher. says:

    Ropo stole the egg of the pedastole in the starting area

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