Arsenal Tiki Taka That Shocked The World

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Arsenal Tiki Taka That Shocked The World
tiki taka arsenal terbaik
Tiki Taka Arsenal
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32 Responses

  1. Santhosh Fabre says:

    After seeing I see elneny was actually good at keeping the flow.. Ozil is everywhere

  2. Allan Omondi says:

    Elneny at his prime

  3. rachmadi saman says:

    It’s not tiki-taka,,,you have to pass the Ball when you play Football

  4. Hieu Le says:

    Ozill <3


    For me I like arsenal football and finish

  6. WINTERS-_-WRATH says:

    In the invincible session we was playing some of the best football in Europe even other clubs fans say that.on ur day we can outplay any one

  7. Jafar muridini says:


  8. Pape Liverpool says:

    Waouh l am a Liverpool fan but l never seen that before.

  9. Psych Megh says:

    It's not tiki-taka, Arsenal style is called Wenger's ball. It's more fluid & faster than tiki-taka.

  10. misunderstood 89 says:

    We play beautiful football but I want us to win the fucking premier league title

  11. Rudy Lismana says:

    Ozil everywhere 👏

  12. DigCity Digg says:

    Just when the ball gets to Iwobi we move on to the next clip…

  13. Paskal Xalxo says:

    Osm omg

  14. fatwan feisal says:

    Good for them they don`t rush to scor and any one can scor better they got a chance and they work as a team

  15. Dương Tuấn Vũ says:

    I love arsenal!

  16. Petr Moravec says:

    That is not real tiki-taka. It is offensive short passing. Maybe it was a little tiki-taka when Wenger was Arsenal coach.

  17. Zihan Wang says:

    At first I thought is was the old Arsenal heritage since I seldom watch EPL. But later I realized it was Emery. Nice job, Unai!

  18. Hariz Luqman says:

    Ozil will fit well in barcelona

  19. Bangun Sucipto says:

    wenger magic

  20. Ding Dong says:

    This is why I love my club , we play amazing football which makes even haters admire our play style🔴⚪


    mazan jiya badawa sound media

  22. نايف العايض. says:

    ياخي ارسنال متعة😁😁

  23. Crunchy says:

    Got to be honest this has nothing on the wilshere, fabregas, cazorla, van persie, giroud days for tiki taka

  24. The Multiverse says:

    Arsenal are 💩

  25. Elly Nkwama says:

    So many passes but no trophies.

  26. Sharmarke Omar says:

    But titles is important Barcelona does this every season and win La liga or champions league

  27. Jack el says:

    Mostly it started from ozill.. The magicc playerrr and many secret skill.. ✨✨✨❤❤❤..Arsenall till i die.. #COYG..

  28. Rochani Rochani says:

    if arsenal have good finisher Imagine how many ozil will have assist

  29. mchungaji mrimi says:

    Asenal forever

  30. Saddam Books says:


  31. Inrid Nugroho says:

    And now arsenal not attractive again since without wilshere n Ramsey

  32. Peter Joseph says:

    Respect the tune by #AlanWalker❤️❤️❤️.

    Gunners forever ♾

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