Animaljam Tiki Trouble Adventure! Server: Full Aldan

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*Come join our Animal Jam Discord Server (Chat group):*
– Over 1,800 people are in this Discord server.
– Giveaways Everyday! Spikes, den betas, literally anything get given away everyday. Anyone in the server can host their own giveaway and people can participate!
– A trade channel for for AJ. People talk about trades and trade with others in this chat. It’s one of the main reasons why people come here is to trade!
– Chats for other games such as Chickensmoothie (people trade here), Transformice, Flight Rising and AJPW.
– And more!

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I also play Transformice:

Sorry guys, I do not buddy people. There will be no way in which I’ll start adding people again so please do not ask. There are many reasons on why I do not add people so hope you understand. However, you can always ask for an autograph (jag me saying auto) and if you are a non-member tell me at my jammer wall (preferred).

About gifts: A gift is a gift. It’s not a trade. Please do not expect anything in return if you gift me anything. I had prefer if you just don’t gift. I have jags opened for people who want an autograph or sometimes ask questions (that I might answer and might not answer because a lot of times you guys just ask “buddy me” yet I have said multiple times that I do not add people). I actually don’t get a lot of gifts, usually just rims and in store items in which I still appreciate. Though there was only a few times have I gotten a rare spike as a gift but I always return them back because I dislike large gifts. I just don’t know what to send back. It’s just too much for me to accept. Though recently, I been doing giveaways so if you do a send a spike, let me know if you want it to be used for giveaway. Otherwise, please take your gift back. Thanks!

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  1. Lilac Parrot says:

    Hi I’m new! Can I have the discord link to join. The one in your description is expired.

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