Anger Of Stick 4 Reboot: LEVEL 50 – Gameplay HD [Android]

This level 50 is too difficult. The opponents are much more harder and for less money. What is that…….


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41 Responses

  1. Hao Hoang Anh says:


  2. Intergalactic Hero4life says:

    thats nonsense by the way

  3. Intergalactic Hero4life says:

    the girl stick sound like men

  4. Davi Ferreira says:

    Mandou muito bem

  5. ONZE BMGO says:

    l am Hack

  6. Squid Guard says:

    I do a challenge call complete level 50 with level 5 hulk well ughh my level 5 hulk died

  7. Squid Guard says:

    Im a hacker but i do challenges

  8. Alan Nunez says:

    1:09 when your sister ate the last few tostinos in the bag

  9. Sarah Carrido says:

    Did anyone had trouble with this app with their phone?

  10. GAMES OMEG says:

    Download angry of stick 4 latest version of HACK

  11. Maãlík says:

    The reason the game gets harder & has less rewards is cause they wanted you to spend money buying upgrades. Simple cash grab game. Glad I stopped playing this.

  12. Nelson Junior says:

    Angers of Sticks 2018

  13. Amanda Ferreira says:

    com mo cecole o cara com bone

  14. Mike Lim says:

    Didnt u know in reboot u could buy gems and coins in the shop for free? No money

  15. DaniellBoiii says:

    That's monster, his face, looks like Tinky Winky Infected bro, In Slendytubbies 3

  16. Malaikat Maut says:


  17. Sonia Espinosa says:

    Too easy for hackers BABYYYY!!!!😇no offense to non hackers and pros

  18. Грозный Сервис says:

    Ууууу это крута

  19. Nadia Parveen says:

    same lvl of the sword man

  20. Nocturnal Islamic says:

    good old days

  21. popcornwizard 77 says:

    It's my birthday can I get 5 subs and 3 likes on each video

  22. Hernan De La O says:

    😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😇😨😱😲😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬 usasgas

  23. Spring wolf el guerrero says:

    fake :v

  24. reilt туравинин says:


  25. Mr. Zchief2003 says:

    Man i love the stages music

  26. Jessica Liu says:

    U no 3 player spam?

  27. azian creeper says:

    im better im on a much higher level and save characters

  28. Resean Washington says:

    YOU farm levels before you get stuck on levels like these don't mind ppl. Who compare

  29. 관성드리프트 says:

    WOW you're master of the game 😀

  30. just pepi says:

    как се казва приложението което снима само екрана

  31. Vedat Erduran says:

    ım 20 lv

  32. Alexander Chernyakov says:

    Try to play "Ouchy Bird" game. The best arcade of today.

  33. TWO CHICKEN says:


  34. KOSMOFAGOS says:

  35. Paulrick Polestico says:

    You must be level 10 to 11 to finish that level

  36. AdielXD 2ND says:

    That Cool you re the Best! For Dimo

  37. FeaRZZ says:


  38. Theodore The Gamer says:

    I'm in lvl 37

  39. Boxxnturtle says:

    You gotta learn how to duck when you fight those robots man.

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