Anger Of Stick 4 Level 101 to 105

The hit that more than 30 million users played, ‘AngerOfStick”s latest sequal.

Survive in the city which turned into ruins!
*Collect various heroes!
– Please collect 9 kinds of strong Hero(KungFu,blade,Gun,Machin,Robot,shotgun,Warrior type).
– You can arrange the stage with the total 4 colleagues.

*RPG’s growth elements
-The level up system throgh experiences (EXP).
-The character reinforcement system using JAM

*Enjoy ‘AOS’ with your friends!
-Please enjoy battles with your friends through your Facebook accounts.
– The various social functions will be updated.

*Team-battle Mode!

* The strong automatic battle function
– You can enjoy the game easier and more comfortably with the strong automatic function.

* The various continuous functions including air combo appear.

* Other features
– Items with various abilities appear.
– More than 600 stages are provided.
– More than 200 kinds of enemies appear.
-Various weapons.
-Various boss heroes appear.
-Amazing action combo.

The most complete action defense game of stickman!
If you liked the other hit Anger of Stick series, AngerOfStick4 : Reboot won’t disappoint!


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13 Responses

  1. General Chungus says:

    First comment pinned me

  2. nga nguyen says:

    KCH Games TV cho LV12 mình

  3. LD༒۬J. O. A. Oܓ says:

    E os br po

  4. Embr_wolf says:

    I don’t even have anything besides the starter yet lmao
    I’m stuck where everyone gets stuck: stage 13
    Or at least where I get stuck

  5. Adaora Udeze says:

    But I love your videos ☺️

  6. Adaora Udeze says:

    Kch today I'm sick 🙁

  7. Adaora Udeze says:

    Kch I’m a noob and your a pro

  8. Adaora Udeze says:

    Hey kch I love your videos and can you please check out my channel please and please subscribe to it please 🙏

  9. Lucifer Kuran {Half embodiment} says:

    Great k also play this game

  10. Gaming Jayden says:

    1 HIT!?!?!!?!?!?

  11. MYVI BOY says:

    aku 106. Aku 106👍

  12. Ezequiel PRO says:

    Eres pro

  13. 관성드리프트 says:

    your Unit was unique

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