All Kennen Skins Visual Effects (VFX) Update – League of Legends

All Kennen Skins Visual Effects (VFX) Update – League of Legends

● Classic Kennen ➞ 4800 BE x 880 RP
● Deadly Kennens ➞ 520 RP
● Swamp Master Kennen ➞ 520 RP
● Karate Kennen ➞ 520 RP
● Kennen M.D. ➞ 975 RP
● Arctic Ops Kennen ➞ 975 RP
● Blood Moon Kennen ➞ 975 RP
● Super Kennen ➞ 750 RP

I’m part of the official League Partner Program with Riot Games.
You can read about the program here:

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11 Responses

  1. Devrim Bilgin says:

    blood moon better than others

  2. drpepper10able says:

    Best skin?

  3. Shiryö Demon of the mist says:

    Okay, pretty cool but can you also buff him? He's weak asf

  4. Dumpling Kid says:

    The old E looks way better

  5. Subitemer cross says:

    Foca kennen

  6. Antonis Nicolaou says:

    Deadly abd Swamp master uses the classic vfx for AA and Q, i hope it gets fixed, i mean its not hard kr anything its just a color swap, like they have Super a special pose for E,i see no excuse not to to that

  7. CupidFox says:

    Why can't they make new splash arts too? Come on…

  8. Jude how rude says:

    the e looks super creepy though
    edit: how to give your enemies a heart attack

  9. Jude how rude says:

    hes getting a visual update?!

  10. Kid Arachnid says:

    OMG thats fucking sick

  11. SADiCAT says:

    omg so nice!!!

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