Adam Gase Should Be More Worried About Sam Darnold and Less Worried About The Media | Tiki + Tierney

Tiki and Tierney share their thoughts on how New York Jets head coach Adam Gase is unhappy with ESPN for airing quarterback Sam Darnold’s ‘seeing ghosts’ comment.


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29 Responses

  1. AznIntegra521 says:

    Darnold is a bum, he is never going to be a good Qb. This is exactly what I’ve been saying about Darnold. He cannot read and recognize defenses and he still can’t. The guy is a bust and Jets should have never drafted this bum. He was overrated and against good defense, he sucks, can’t do jack.

  2. ACEIS _ says:

    WTF, defending SAM DARNOLD? He STUNK!!!! This guy was chosen BEFORE Lamar Jackson? Jackson ain't a NFL QB but Baker, Sam and the 2 Josh's are? No, the NFL seeing ghost! Ghost of a racist NFL past! hahahahahahahaa!!

  3. Garkis Bloodlust says:

    These guys don’t have one insightful thing to say.

  4. Steve Brady says:

    Tierney 💯 % on the Mic’d up decision. 🤦‍♂️

  5. JB Allen says:

    Gase was just shifting blame,like he's done all season,from him, why does this guy still have a job?

  6. Michael Palermo says:

    Fire Gase now…

  7. Kevin Wilt says:

    Jeff Fisher – I am the worst coach in NFL history !!
    Adam Gase – hold my beer

  8. Corey Baker says:

    Tiki, you need to shut your mouth. The Patriots at least rushed 5 to 7 defendes a time. Darnold did not have enough time to sit in the pocket and go through a complete throwing motion while worrying about his ribs being caved in. Tiki, the only reason why you are talking like this because you're so desperate for ratings. I hope your show becomes cancelled.

  9. Mike Grieco says:

    Gase is going to ruin a great QB or get him killed….He deserves to be on a real
    NFL team!!

  10. Jay Jay says:

    The hardest game of the year why would Sam be mic'd up, Jets are a damn joke

  11. Tjk 92 says:

    I'm a Patriots fan and I love that the Pats won ofcourse, but I felt bad for Darnold. I have seen him in games where he looks like he is going to be a really good QB especially last week vs the Cowboys. If the Jets aren't careful they are going to ruin this kids confidence. The Jet's front office made a huge mistake in hiring Gase. He did a terrible job with the Dolphins. Jet's need to fire Gase and see if Jim Harbaugh wants to leave Michigan and come back to the pros.

  12. Shiva Ho says:

    Poor Kid his careers over. He should go back & finish college & get a degree. He was seeing Ghosts of Butt Fumbles past…

  13. Donald Kephart says:

    Darnold is still the man give him a little bit of time it'll be alright

  14. Donald Kephart says:

    Sam the ghost darnold

  15. Blac Boi says:

    No he needs to be worried about his job.

  16. Kannov Kapoor says:

    tiki is an idiot lol

  17. D Jones says:

    I see dead people ~ sam darnold 👻

  18. dontizzle805 says:

    he said only 4 rushing tiki is a idiot lol no wonder the giants got rid of him

  19. Donnie Hosein says:

    Barber… It's one bad game relax… It's against Bill the evil genius 😂

  20. ATL 1 says:

    He is a bust. If this was Lamar….

  21. SEG25 says:

    Tiki needs to watch more tape. Pats brought 7 multiple times including the McCourty INT.

  22. Conor Walsh says:

    I still believe this kid could become the face of the NFL. One bad game in your 16th start does not illustrate your career.

  23. Ed EllMaxx says:

    Gase is a bug eyed Joke

  24. Cult Of Combat says:

    Wow, the kid is being honest about playing bad so let’s crucify him for a comment. It wasn’t embarrassing and it isn’t worth a story… I hate the media I swear

  25. KaeHaych says:

    Maybe Darnold just isn't as good as the pre-draft hype?

  26. Jason Ramsey says:

    I’m a giants fan but 1 that offensive line is horrendous 2 he faced the best defense in the league, 3 Adam gase should me more worried about his job cause they keep losing he won’t have a job that much longer.

  27. Big Blue Elo80 says:

    Smh now they are gonna kill this kid , who was the idiot who allowed the kid to be mic up

  28. substring zero says:

    Darnold saw G.O.A.T. #TomBradyTheGOAT

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