30 FPS vs. 60 FPS Gaming

Frame Rate comparison in “Video Games” between 30 FPS and 60 FPS.
Games list:
00:00 Assassin’s Creed: Origins
00:49 Battlefield: Bad Company 2
01:56 Diablo 3
02:32 Overwatch
03:34 Project CARS 2
04:17 Limbo
04:54 Call of Duty: WW2
05:41 CS:GO
06:16 PUBG
08:03 GTA 5

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47 Responses

  1. wolfgang says:

    Hey guys. Please watch this video at 60FPS, otherwise it will be useless.
    Games list:
    00:00 Assassin's Creed: Origins
    00:49 Battlefield: Bad Company 2
    01:56 Diablo 3
    02:32 Overwatch
    03:34 Project CARS 2
    04:17 Limbo
    04:54 Call of Duty: WW2
    05:41 CS:GO
    06:16 PUBG
    08:03 GTA 5

    120.FPS footage recorded with "OBS" (other clips with "Shadowplay")
    Hope you like this comparison, i put a lot of effort on it.

  2. Marcelo silva says:

    nao percebi a diferenca,,,,

  3. I'm just a Dumbass • 7 years ago says:


  4. J R says:

    If you blink fast in real life when looking, you can choose your own fps. (And it always seems smooth)

  5. Wandering Lord says:

    It's really unplayable at 30 :3

  6. The Derpy Nugget says:

    30 fps is like a pizza without toppings

  7. IBenderZz says:

    The human mouth can only speak nine words before-

  8. Egg Man says:

    30 is just bad luck

  9. Black Lyfe says:

    Can't tell the difference

  10. Yeetus Confuctus says:

    My pc is so powerful it runs 5 fps

  11. MisterUrbanWorld says:

    No difference

  12. Phantom Overdose says:

    Me: Sees a 30 vs 60fps video

    Youtube: 480p30fps (auto)

    Me: Thanks Youtube very much

  13. Peter Leo says:

    Everything look same

  14. Brendan bettison says:

    Sorry 240 FPS gamer coming through

  15. Astronaut Bear says:

    everything looks the same to me

  16. d.ronzo17 says:

    wow, what a privilege it must be to play over 30 frames, hell i dont even break 20

  17. Lennard Ehlers says:

    The difference is sooo small

  18. emonroy monroy says:

    fiest video that does the comparasion right!

  19. Niljdm kp61 says:

    How many FPS on the NES?

  20. A.J. Zalar says:

    Playing with 60 you can feel the difference watching it doesn’t have as good as an effect but still noticeable

  21. Bitsa says:

    LSPD mada faca

  22. Hyder Himmathi says:

    120 frames gives smooth feeling as if ur inside the game

  23. Sabir Ullah Afridi says:

    Look same to me

  24. Dennyel says:

    Watching in a smartphone with a 480p screen

  25. Dareios soieraD says:

    yeah, showing 120 fps in 60 fps youtube video, good idea

  26. Hübner Richard says:

    Im still shocked my dad cant see the diference when everyone spots the diference immediately

  27. Smileyisback. says:

    30 fps is not bad it just drops real quick

  28. NL3044 says:

    I use a 100hz UW for PC gaming, now when I use my PS4 to play exclusives to play horizon etc, it really irritates me with the judder, mainly with camera movement. I don’t know why but I seem very sensitive to it now and it really irritates me, I feel like I’ve ruined condole gaming for myself

  29. Arch Douchebag says:

    If you look closely 30 FPS will be a little bit more laggy

  30. Hastytkd says:

    4:07 ok that sold the difference for me, I see it now…I’m still rocking 20 FPS at best but still.

  31. Col Campbell AI 2024 says:

    ≥60 FPS or uninstall

  32. Shabazz says:

    Do those wondering why you can’t see a difference it’s probably because your eyes haven’t been trained to. Playing games a lot and consistently at 60 FPS or more trains your eyes to get used to it and so it’s easier to see the difference between that and 30 FPS. I only see the slightly difference every now and again and I barely play games period. Although I can definitely tell the difference between league at 30 FPS and 60 FPS. It’s different when you’re controlling the character and waiting for a response versus just watching. But yeah you can be trained to see the difference but man the people can see the difference seem ruined like anything less at 60 is killing them so maybe I should stay ignorant and keep my vision “slow”.

  33. OHYEAHminingiron.mp3 says:

    30 fps is ok for offline games but not for multiplayer games

  34. BENSTEIN TV says:

    30 fps is good

  35. D҉a҉r҉k҉ ҉A҉n҉g҉e҉l҉ says:

    I cant see the difference…

  36. María says:

    I use glasses. Is it just me or when you take them off is like you can see more fps. Either that or my cpu is damaged

  37. GOJI MLG says:

    Guys you can't see beyond 30 fps, Try waving your hand? Not smooth.

  38. What Memes says:

    I don't know why I'm the only one everything look the same to

  39. shreyash kadam says:

    I played 4x in 0.25 at 1080p (i.e. 0.25×0.25=0.0625)

    And i still don't fu**ing see the difference!…

    Maybe i my eyes can't process beyond 14fps…😭

  40. Rodrigo Pinchiari says:

    Both great!
    Below 30 is a problem, otherwise is great!

  41. Alison Mau says:

    That is, 60fps is only to watch in SLOW MOTION. Only this. If you see another thing, its time to see a doctor or stop to use drugs.

  42. Ghost King says:

    Story games 30 fps
    Shooting games 60 fps

  43. yeossimika says:

    even after watching it in 1080p i literally see no difference

  44. thrash metal says:

    i can literally not tell the difference

  45. Fred Stead says:

    60 looks fake 30 looks more like real life

  46. MrDragodsm says:

    May be im crazy, but i dont like 60fps.

  47. ReNeGaDe Productions says:

    The reason you can barely tell the difference in this video is because when he edited this video, he rendered the whole thing at 60fps.

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