How to Talk About Illness and Medicine in English

In this lesson, you can learn how to talk about illness, medicine and healthcare in English.

You’ll learn how to deal with a visit to the doctor’s office in English, how to talk about different healthcare systems, how to talk about going to hospital in English, and more.

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1. At the Doctor’s Office 0:48
2. Prescribing Medicine and Giving Advice 3:26
3. How Healthcare Systems Work 6:43
4. In Hospital 10:26
5. Talking About Recovery 13:13

This lesson will help you:
– Understand how you can communicate with a doctor in English if you have to go to the doctor’s office.
– Get useful phrases and vocabulary to talk about medicine in English.
– Learn how healthcare systems work in English-speaking countries like the UK and US.
– See what kinds of English phrases for the hospital you can use to communicate if you have to stay at a hospital in an English-speaking country.
– Talk about recovery after an injury or illness in English with helpful vocabulary.
– See example conversations people might have when talking about illness and medicine in English.

Practice these phrases with a live teacher and get feedback now!

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  1. Biplob Dutta says:

    Fabulous way of teaching. thanks mr oli and other. More helpful and easier than other channel. GOD bless both of you. keep this attempt on so that we can learn more and more

  2. Mahmud Esgerli says:

  3. ALI_ ARAMAN says:

    Oli sir your voice is magical & attractive. Love you OLI…

  4. Huyền thoại bóng đá says:

    OOE’s video is very normal.It’s do not any song to make it great.

  5. Sabohat Ibragimovna says:

    👍👍👍thank you teachers

  6. Moises A. says:

    Am I the only one who have a crush on him?

  7. Emnesi Othman says:

    Actually in my country healt care services are unreliable with a very low quality level even for private health insurance agencies. So, most people prefer puplic ospital rather than private.

  8. Babbu Sandhu says:

    Hllo sir could u plz tell me , what should i use for doll , she or it . I want to prepare cue card on it

  9. Babbu Sandhu says:

    Hllo sir could u plz tell me , what should i use for doll , she or it .

  10. Chanabasayya Sindagimath says:


  11. Hazem Mohamed says:

    Firstly, i would say thank you so much MR Oli❤️

  12. sergi yankin says:


  13. පුලාට හුකමු says:

    Please help me i have problem with speaking.when i trying to speak in english my words disappeared and i cant match sentences properly.

  14. Dinuka Sanjaya says:

    Very useful… Thanks a lot…

  15. Andy - The ESL Guy says:

    I'll use this in my class tomorrow, thanks so much! 🙂

  16. Selvin Lux says:

    thank you!!!! you are amazing!!!

  17. Misgina Beraki says:

    Thankes more

  18. Mr king says:

    Very important topic is Relative pronuon must cover it

  19. Thomas Sibi says:

    These are useful things

  20. Nilan says:

    Prescription fee is £9 pounds now 🙂

  21. UMIDJON says:

    Please I'm suffering from reading📖 please🙏 I need advise my teachers.

  22. Vy Ngo says:

    Actually, I am a person with a weakend immune system. I still remember a couple of months ago, I had to have time off work because I was diagnosed with acute sinusitis. In fact, I suffered from a lot of common symptoms such as nasal congestion, high fever, bad headaches and fatigue. I decided to go to a local hospital, and my doctor prescribed me some antibiotics, pain relievers and saline nasal sprays for my illness. He also gave me some pieces of advice that could help me decrease the risk of developing sinusitis. Fortunately, I made a speedy recovery and went back to work after two weeks. It was nothing serious and did not really cause me any problems.

    I live in Vietnam, and most Vietnamese citizens are entitled to free public healthcare. However, some Vietnamese public hospitals have to face overcrowding and occupancy rates because there is an increasing number of patients every year. Besides, the quality of medical equipment as well as medical staff in provincial hospitals is still lower than in national ones. This means that the small provincial hospitals need to make a lof efforts to improve their medical services to reduce the flow of patients into large public hospitals. Moreover, one of the greatest challenges for public hospitals is the lack of modern equipment which is used to treat with serious diseases. Apart from that, there are also some Vietnamese people who choose to go private because they have resources. They usually have to pay prescription charges which can be quite expensive for their long-term treatment.

  23. Izak Ski says:


  24. Helmi nasser says:

    I really like learning from your channel but your back ground is too shinny

  25. Riaz Rahat says:



    Good evening, my dear teacher! "Oxford Online English" family is great! Thanks for beautiful videos sharing! well you have! I wanna be polyglot like Tim Doner. How can I do? I make up sentences while I myself am going to course on the way .Is it able to help to me?

  27. Amit Gupta says:

    Hello Sir/Ma'mm, Greetings of the day ! Amit Gupta here from India, Your regular student.

    I am looking knowledge on Determiner (Article, PA,DP, Cardinal and ordinal numbers, multipliers,fractions,intensifiers,other words,and Numerals adjectives .. may be called Pre,Central and Post determiner ,and what is their order in the sentence. 2. Why we use "The , PA, DP " determiner after All,and "Whole "after "The,PA,DA" . (All My,Our,These The & The,My,Our,These Whole) Please help me to understand the same. Regards,

  28. tonia hikaru says:

    In my country, Italy, and in particular in my region, public healthcare is like a dream. People can't afford private practice, so they are compelled to wait months or years before they can have an appointment. For example, I have a chronic thyroid condition, but my sooner appointment with a doctor is next June. But the symptoms are now.

  29. orn_eng eng says:

    Very great lesson. Thank you so much!

  30. ود اسماعيل says:

    Thank you a lot of

  31. Kim Dohun Addict says:

    Stephanie and Oli are a perfect combination.

  32. Mery G says:

    Hy Oli and Step

  33. yasser daoud says:

    in my country Egypt , the health care is really bad and the public health care is kinda torture .. it's a deeply low quality , you can say there's no public health care in Egypt , if we make a comparison between Egypt and UK you can say we're living under the ground in can't imagine how many patients get to the doctor's office per one hour ( only one hour ) !! about 70 patients !! do you imagine that ? a 70 patients in only 60 minutes , do you what that means ? it means that the patient has only one minute to be checked and take the prescription , how come

  34. Ali , Iraqi says:

    It's very interesting video and very useful like always, think you so much for your efforts teachers

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