Can You Play Classical Music on $109 Casiotone CT-S200 Keyboard?

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44 Responses

  1. Jeremy See says:

    Here are my RECOMMENDED pianos & keyboards
    ✔ International
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  2. Morons MORONS! says:

    I know, it doesn't have key sensitivity and aftertouch, but ignoring that, does it make sense to use it as a Master Keyboard for a DAW? The Keyboard seems to be very good for the money. Love, how you'r kids are taken music seriously and still have fun.

  3. Preet Braganza says:

    I wish they would have put the on board sustain or attach a sustain pedal for more expressiveness

  4. A D says:

    I thought I was in for some disappointment but this kid playing Fur Elise made my jaw drop.
    Sucks that the keyboard doesn't have touch-sensitive keys, otherwise I really really like the red color and the handle.
    Hope you get well soon Jeremy boi.

  5. Rex Ford says:

    Very good for that price. The 300 must sound much better with that velocity sensitivity. Beethoven practically requires it

  6. Rob Bastien says:

    Fantastic…very well done.

  7. black peal says:

    Jermy sir what happened for you, my lord

  8. bennyc says:

    Well done, Kids ! I'm in fund of entry level arranger keyboards – they are great for everyone, sufficient for easy practicing and for carrying around indoors or outdoors with no worries. Casio is in the right direction, not there yet (in terms of Styles Yamaha is still way better) but I think it will become the leading vendor in this segment soon because they make their products so well thought and affordable. The CT-S200/S300 is the ultimate gift you can bring to your kid or to someone you love.

  9. Paulyd Paulyd says:

    WOW great playing ; Sack your Dad ! Lol – Get well soon Jeremy 💕

  10. Justin Oehlke says:

    Your children play so well. Very impressive!

  11. TheBradge says:

    Great playing! But Jeremy if I'm correct. You're now Jeremy "can't" see?

  12. Poushal says:


  13. david jones says:

    Great, he has backup plans, so amazing.

  14. Mark Robinson says:

    Beautiful. I love it!

  15. Jaden Piña says:

    I love the design of this keyboard.

  16. How U Might Have Animated That says:

    I like this idea way to go you two. I and wait to see what they can do with the other casiotone keyboards

  17. Simon de Raad says:

    Nice video! Good to see that you kids are also very musical. I hope your dad gets well soon.

  18. Stanley Sundman says:

    Amazing, thank You so so much. I think it's sounds quite good.

  19. Ningcheng Shu says:

    Very enjoyable renditions of classical music on a $109 Casio keyboard, with distinctive personal flares, despite those non touch-sensitive keys. Particularly impressive is the gentleman's rendition of Bach with the pipe organ sound. All the best.

  20. Bryan Leech says:

    Jeremy, very sorry to hear vou are ill ─ I pray you recover quickly. Meanwhile, two offspring to be proud of (it's hard to believe you are old enough to have youngsters at these ages).
    Meanwhile, to the two of you, congratulations on the video you have produced, very clearly showing that a limited budget for a keyboard need not prevent you from learning to play ─ at least in the basic earlier stages of learning. (Except, for me, Für Elise is my most detested piece of music ever; but that's my problem!)

  21. Fery Andrianus says:


  22. Stephanie Guilmenot says:

    Very good. Now let us find out if "Great Balls of Fire" can be played on the Go piano. I think you will need 88 keys.

  23. Preet Braganza says:

    FATHER!!!!!!! Jeremy I thought u were only 19!!!

  24. steve webb says:

    Nice Demo .It sounds far better than the old Casio Tones did.

  25. Francisco Fragoeiro says:

    Should be fine to get acquainted with the keys, maybe for the first 3 months or so of a begginer who is on a tight budget IMO

  26. hcb says:

    Excellent team, excellent performance!

  27. Chris Brisson says:

    We wish you speedy recovery, but nice to have very good backup band.

  28. Sugree Supawarikul says:

    So good for​ the​ music family.​

  29. Mrityunjay Tripathi says:


  30. Stephanie Guilmenot says:

    The casitone is better than what the masters played on.

  31. RaveTracks says:

    Hi Jeremy, saw the picture of you with the eye patch. Hope it's nothing too serious and you're feeling better soon. Well done to the mini Jeremians! Excellent playing. 😊

  32. D Erlio says:

    Jeremy can be very proud of you, well done! …I hope he is well soon….

  33. Julbert Calalin says:

    What’s the title of the music u played on this video.?

  34. Bryan Barajas says:


  35. Benja Records says:

    Excelent video guys

  36. Noobie games says:

    wait a min u have a brother natalya?

  37. Crónicas desde la cripta says:

    Marvelous, great team and your childs are great pianists. Get well soon Jeremy. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😍😍🏅🏅👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  38. irianto Juwono says:

    Nice playing, get well soon your father.

  39. Raj VN says:

    After a long I'm using mobile and watching your video….😊😊

  40. Joe Blow says:

    Excellent playing you guys. I think you might play better than your dad….don't tell him I said so! Haha. So the answer is yes. Classical can be done. Know moonlight sonata?

  41. JSHN Music Channel says:

    what happend to Jeremy? , and nice playing btw

  42. Exxy Hansamu says:

    Nice tone under that budget

  43. Varejão Beva says:

    Beautiful. Congrats from Brazil

  44. Haren Mandal says:

    Nice one

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