Will Giannis Get Tired Facing The Celtics? | Tiki + Tierney

Tiki and Tierney discuss Giannis Antetokounmpo’s endurance as the Milwaukee Bucks advance to the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals to face the Boston Celtics.


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34 Responses

  1. DeAndre Page says:

    Loss Game 1 by a huge margin to Boston. 😀😀😀
    Give the kid a couple of years

  2. light yagmi says:

    Bruh. You are a clown and there's no way you watch milwaukee basketball. And your a Celtics fan throwing shade on the freak and the bucks

  3. Dekkstar 84 says:

    What kind of a bullshit video is that stop that Boston Celtics are not the best team of the planet.

  4. BoobooJonez says:

    I get it. The Giannis wearing down. The stress of the playoffs is much different than regular season games for superstars. The other team adjust to your moves and eventually get in your head and strip your confidence. Look at how man times LeBron had underwhelming playoff performances before he stared to dominate. Giannis's frustration from his inexperience will wear him down. I agree. If the C's can get going and Gordon Hayward can continue to bring it, Giannis will have no answer to the experience of the C's. The key factor in this series is Gordon Hayward. This is his chance of a lifetime. I think he should come off the bench and kick some fucking ASS! He needs to dominate and Kyrie needs to facilitate.

  5. giannis sioutis says:


  6. Jefred Obillos says:

    Hes not gonna be called freak if hes getting tired

  7. Jefred Obillos says:

    My God com on the dude is only 24 years old i dont think hes gonna get tired

  8. Dom Rauth says:


  9. Dom Rauth says:

    Stick to football Tiki this is dreadful

  10. Dom Rauth says:

    He’s 24, Don’t be an idiot.

  11. Themrajester2 says:

    Everybody know lebron is in the best shape literally

  12. Howard Davis says:

    The media irra james harden gone get tired from too much usage Giannis gone get tired cuz he don't play enough minutes consistently 😏just chill bro

  13. Ven Amyr says:

    Boston and other teams has the same play but bucks is not, just watch the offense and defens of bucks,, it waz so dfrnt…

  14. Ven Amyr says:

    They want boston win but they know hos going to win on that series and ofcrz the unstopble bucks.

  15. John Rambo says:

    Guy on the right should take harden's cock out of his mouth.

  16. Geoffrey Rue says:

    Wow…Tiki is just reaching for excuses…he has no idea what he's talking about.

  17. George Kalogerakis says:

    My response to the guy on the right thinking his worry is Giannis will be tired. LOL…
    He just likes Harden and wants to talk shit for Giannis. All good, personal opinions, but I haven't seen a tiredness problem with Giannis. The opposite if anything.
    The dude probably hits the gym before and after the games… lol

  18. Asher Tua says:

    Both player yu talk is a CHOKE player!!!

  19. Chris Davis II says:

    Tiki don’t talk about the Bucks because you probably didn’t watch them before the playoffs. Last season, he played 40+ mins. His argument is not even valid. The coaching staff has done great with minute management. Tiki act like Giannis doesn’t have help, which he definitely does.

  20. Jonathan Sweney says:


  21. emir demirovic says:

    Turn down your fking chanell…stop taking bucks down…and this guy says he wont win mvp who the fk are you to decide? Stfu and start talking about other sport…boston is legendary team but 100 years ago just like lakers…dont trash talk when new team start wining..no one from boston can not guard 2019 giannis… bucks in 5 have a nice day

  22. Charles L Jones says:

    Why do people worry about athletes getting tired. Most of us normal folks work 8 to10 hours a day 12 if we have a part time job 5 to 7 days a week. Wish I only had to work 48 minutes a day. I would work until I'm 105.

  23. Charles L Jones says:

    He'll be okay. Baines is too slow to guard him and Horford is too small.

  24. Bill Abeda says:

    giannis can play 40 minutes easy don't worry about giannis am worried about youi ,u have no idea what giannis can do with the celtics remember my words
    bucks will WIN the celtics 4-2

  25. C-Leb says:

    This is the dumbest shit I’ve heard in a long time 🤦🏾‍♂️

  26. Monks Den says:

    Harden is a finely tuned athlete? Lol you smoking some good shit bruh!

  27. Paul Hibbard says:

    Tiki that makes no sense, he's gonna get tired because he hasn't played extensive minutes? His production per minute was so good he didn't need to, you watch he's gonna average like 31 pts a game playing all that time against the Celtics.

  28. antione english says:

    So you wan him playing 37 mins in 20 -30 point blowout games ?? Shuddup sir

  29. warpspeed says:

    Maybe because he got 41 points in 30 minutes…

  30. Haxy says:

    Celtics got this lets be honest

  31. toyaddic29 says:

    Bucks in 5

  32. Jack DeRoche says:

    no, stupid point

  33. Michael Gabriel says:

    This is the worst take i've seen yet…

  34. Steve Stramowski says:

    Tiki must have just watched the last Detroit game only for the whole year. The bucks depth is crazy good and Giannis averaged the most mins in a game last year. He can handle the load if needed They are just smart and are conserving him for important moments.

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