Weki Meki, Tiki-Taka(99%) [THE SHOW 190903]

#WekiMeki, #TikiTaka(99%)
#위키미키, 티키타카


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50 Responses

  1. princess lia says:

    makes me sad how underrated they are they even have doyeon and yoojung!

  2. princess lia says:


  3. lolboy - says:

    love the song. love choreo

  4. lolboy - says:

    i need everyone to keep demanding for lua's lines everywhere theres weki meki

  5. Elen Narzary says:


  6. rizma rahma nandini family says:

    Kok leader nya enggak nyanyi knp ya?? Ada yg boleh kasih tau???

  7. Tae ARMY says:

    Omg 😍💕

  8. Kezia Kurniatii says:

    Where suyeon?

  9. Eduardo Pratti says:

    So they had the opportunity to give Lua some lines and declined to do so AGAIN? FFS

  10. Dxra Chorn says:

    At first, I thought Doyeon dance SOLO by Jennie lol

  11. MatchaLatte Hannah says:

    yall stan weki meki dont sleep on them

  12. KiKi 1000 says:

    Im so glad everyone is recognizing Yoojungs amazing vocal powers.

  13. Tâm Nguyễn says:

    Music of WEKIMEKI so catchy and full power, i don't understand why them don't have first win -.-

  14. Elijah Garcia says:

    So proud of my Elly and Yoojung too! Weki Meki is OT8 and will always be but at least we can count on the other members to make the performance as enjoyable as possible even with Suyeon injured.

  15. eul yam says:

    Elly and Yoojung did well with Suyeon's parts. But I just miss our leader😭
    Get well soon, Suyeonie~

  16. Rodney Wong says:

    Where is the location of the stage?

  17. Paopao Paocom says:

    summer song with raining stage lol

  18. Taetae’s Wife says:

    Sei is so pretty with short hair!!! <3

  19. MissSaintG says:

    So like…. didn’t want to give any of Suyeons parts to Lua?? Really! Lua who has less than a second of lines in the whole song who’s an excellent singer? Like… why?

  20. Vladimir SONE says:

    Fighting Suyeon ♥️

  21. Wen Wen says:


  22. Indy Grassi says:


  23. Akane Agashira says:

    Seeing Elly and Youjung taking the part of Suyeon makes me proud!😘 I hope Suyeon is okay!😭😘

  24. wonaxy. says:


  25. Leo T says:

    Miss our leader. Girls you did amazing, keep going <3

  26. BTS /WEkiMEki says:

    My talented girls 🧡

  27. Putri Andina says:


  28. Thomas Sone says:

    Cant believe that Elly only sings "I dont like your gf" in their debut song but now she can even take Suyeon's part😍.

  29. Alexx says:

    Eso Elly, demuestra que puedes cantar bien y que mereces más líneas.

  30. Osiane Joyce says:

    I love this era sooo much!

  31. Funtatri Han says:

    Doyeon ma queen 😍

  32. EagleOne says:

    Elly rise! Looking very beautiful and is main vocalist today! Still, get well soon Suyeon!

  33. cherry cat says:

    the best summer song of 2019

  34. bone apple tea! says:

    I thought with Suyeon gone they would have gave Lua some of her lines to sing but I guess not

  35. Choi Yoosee says:

    Please, stop eating your CD girls..

  36. IZikkid*2x says:

    Wait they are still promoting? I thought they ended already, why did they not promote at all last week?

  37. Anny uni says:

    Yoojung so perfect

  38. くろばんKuro says:

    tho Suyeon was not here (i hope she fully recover fast) Elly and Yoojung did really great doing her part ^^ I'm happy that they were nominated again, i wish they get a win next time~~~Weki MeKi-Ling fighting!! <33333

  39. Davis Chan says:

    Sei is beautiful 😍😍😍

  40. Candy Satang says:

    I'm sad that Suyeon cannot perform and also sad that they were nominated but didn't win
    But Elly and Yoojung did really well on my bias part

  41. Julian Morgan says:

    Was the cameraman drunk?

  42. e says:

    where is suyeon ? ;-;

  43. lolo lolo says:

    DOYEON 👑

  44. lolo lolo says:

    👑 DOYEON
    👑 ELLY
    👑 LUCY
    👑 SUYEON
    👑 RINA
    👑 SEI
    👑 LUA

    QUEENS 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑

  45. Jasmine says:

    I love Lucy's hair style.♡♡♡

  46. anuuuul says:

    Lucy in a high ponytail 💘💘 TT

  47. Jeon JungHee says:


  48. /IZ*ONE/fromis_9/GFRIEND/コレコレ tensh says:


  49. Ma eloisa gail Dela cruz says:

    Dodaeng 😍😍

  50. Water Angel says:

    Ji Leader's part: Elly and Yoojung <3 <3 Good

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