50 thoughts on “Weki Meki, Tiki-Taka(99%) [THE SHOW 190903]”

  1. So proud of my Elly and Yoojung too! Weki Meki is OT8 and will always be but at least we can count on the other members to make the performance as enjoyable as possible even with Suyeon injured.

  2. So like…. didn’t want to give any of Suyeons parts to Lua?? Really! Lua who has less than a second of lines in the whole song who’s an excellent singer? Like… why?

  3. tho Suyeon was not here (i hope she fully recover fast) Elly and Yoojung did really great doing her part ^^ I'm happy that they were nominated again, i wish they get a win next time~~~Weki MeKi-Ling fighting!! <33333

  4. I'm sad that Suyeon cannot perform and also sad that they were nominated but didn't win
    But Elly and Yoojung did really well on my bias part

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