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23 thoughts on “WEKI MEKI (위키미키) – TIKI-TAKA (99%) ★ MV REACTION”

  1. Just want to tell you what 99% means. There's one boy that They've been in kinda flirting relationship(some), it's progressing(tiki taka) so well but still only 99%. The rest 1% is the boy's courage to confess or kiss or anything to make the relationship officially started.

  2. i LOVE this song but lua got absolutely zero lines. she got half a sentence and it’s so cruel,lucy had barely 3 seconds as well:( i feel bad for the girls,fantasio needs to get their shit together cause some of the suyeon/doyeon/yoojeong lines could have easily been given to them but i don’t expect any better at this point.

  3. Haha the sparkles scream got me! I loved the reaction, it's such a catchy song. I am just getting into Weki Meki and loving it!

    I'd love to see your reaction to Pentagons new song Happiness, it's their 2nd Japanese single and it doesn't have many views I don't know why but its so good, it has a really fun happy energy.

  4. Personally I was more of a Picky picky fan…

    Wasn’t a fave of this comeback. But the song was good. Not my style tho ❤️

  5. The song is about how a guy they're with/into isn't fully in their relationship and needs to give that extra 1% to make things perfect hence the 'we're 99(%)

  6. I saw this comment on the MV that explains the title perfectly: "its 99% now, and when Lua gets lines its going to be 100%" and honestly i cant stop laughing 😀

  7. Ya they're Charlie's Angels Yoojung did interview telling how all video connect they went undercover in picky picky after busting out of prison in crush

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