Top 5 Best Gaming Keyboards of 2019!

In this video we take a look at my list of top 5 gaming keyboards for the first half of 2019.

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Logitech G PRO
Full Review:

Corsair K70 MK.2
Full Review:
Buy: SE

Ducky One 2 Mini
Full Review:

Razer Huntsman Elite
Full Review:

Hexgears Impulse
Full Review:
Buy (kailh box white):
Kono Store (All switch types):

*Full Disclosure : I received a product sample to make a review. I was not paid to make this video. My opinions expressed in the video are my own. My integrity is not for sale.

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44 Responses

  1. Jethro Heylen says:

    Corsair apex pro?

  2. Ding Chavez says:

    fuck you if you use a keyboard without a number pad or wrist rest.

  3. xddominic says:

    you deserve more subs

  4. Narcko says:

    what the fuck you talking about?

  5. Glitch Knight says:

    Where is the Anne pro 2??

  6. Xpoo Ker says:

    you fucking bitch!
    you dont reely think thows are the best gaming keybords!
    thows are just fams brands!

    ps. your vids suck go get a life!!! and your introw is so fucking long! you fuck ass!
    go fuck your self!

  7. Alfie Zhao says:

    Logitech G PRO amazon link is wrong. Pls check

  8. Orl Cal says:

    The Corsair K70 RGB series is a complete piece of shit. First the switches start double pressing after just a few months (I've had to delete several extra characters while typing this comment already), then soon after the LED controller starts degrading and some of the LEDs (in my case the blue LEDs on about 10 different keys) stop working. Save yourself the money and don't go with corsair. I've had throwaway $10 Chinese keyboards that lasted longer, and actually felt faster, than this terribly designed piece of shit.

  9. Funny_things says:

    That mk2 tho

  10. Lewa Boi says:

    There was no epilepsy warning on this video…

  11. Elias Hansen says:

    Your mom does not love you fat fuck

  12. Not Galaxus says:

    why dose he have a rgb saltlamp

  13. Hacker Hacker says:

    I really like the Corsair k70 mk.2 and the ducky one 2 mini I would love to get one of them and I would like to enter your giveaway I hope I win I really want a good keyboard because am getting a new pc

  14. Jaxson Bonnel says:

    I think this list is amazing and I totally agree with what keyboards you put in to it👏🏼👍🏼

  15. Rene McCracken says:

    Is there a reason why they keys are big like older keyboards? I’m trying to buy a rainbow keyboard for my boyfriend and was looking at gaming keyboards but I personally prefer flat keys like those seen on mac’s. Are those unusual for gaming keyboards?

  16. Steven Mason says:

    What is the best kind of switches to get for the Impulse for gaming?

  17. praveen sharma says:

    excellent information thank you

  18. Deathmessage2015 says:

    Can you change the colour of the, corsair k70 mk.2 ?

  19. Lethalplague says:

    Sound tests would be great👍

  20. Wholesome Rin says:

    I personally like Razer Huntsman Elite, but the number one keyboard is cool too I guess.

  21. Dygma Lab says:

    Ergonomics or how comfortable it is to use should have been added to the criteria. Not many keyboards are comfortable to use, especially if the desk is quite small for better hand movements.

  22. Gameplay Nations says:

    Just bought Logitech G pro keyboard it's legit

  23. Ajit Jalady says:


  24. FrostWolf says:

    I actually really agree with this list. My personal favorite though is the Huntsman Elite, can’t get over how comfy that wrist rest looks, and that rgb :O

  25. Stupicide says:

    Personally the huntsman elite is number one for me

  26. MMaRsu says:

    150 usd for a keyboard.. wtf is going on? I use a wireless logitech keyboard.. what makes these so much better

  27. Henry Rodriguez says:

    I have 3 of these keyboards lmao

  28. RoXpy lol says:

    Anne pro

  29. Ian says:

    Anyone else hate pudding keycaps?
    They look cheap despite everything.

  30. J. Elders says:

    I got the k70. With a 25 percent discount! Im super happy

  31. Clever_username says:

    thanks for the help

  32. Elite_Captain says:

    Should I get the Corsair or the ducky

  33. robortian says:

    whoa, what a moody set

  34. Funtime Foxy Gaming SSS says:

    I hate RGB
    It's money wasting

  35. Kaxzl says:

    fuck no huntsman better by a fucking lot

  36. Malik Haddad says:

    I also recommend the Razer te v2, fantastic keyboard

  37. Numb Out Of Pain says:

    huntsman elite is worse than blackwidow elitem

  38. Kacper Ptak says:

    God I hope no one wasted their money on 1 2 4 or 5

  39. Yogo dragonlord says:

    I have that same shirt

  40. Brayden_ Dom says:

    To Brainbean, you know what's superb, your grammar.

  41. DBC Gainz says:

    i dont no wich one to by

  42. YönTimo 24 says:

    Where is corsair k65 rapidfire

  43. dashed says:

    hexgears above razer huntsman elite and the others, thats funny af

  44. super shulker says:

    Wheres roccat vulcano 120 aimo?

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