30 thoughts on “Tom Brady FINALLY Gets Paid! | Tiki + Tierney”

  1. This is the dumbest take I have ever heard. “Maybe he does have the benefit, of having a superstar wife” 🙄 Screw the fans, screw Tiki and the media, GET YOUR MONEY! This is all entertainment.

  2. QBs are literally the most important position. They have the ball on every snap ever taken in a game. Sorry T, but you’re tripping on this one.

  3. that's to bad that they didn't let his contract expire and that he is making that kind of money, athletes are over paid especially this one….

  4. Coming from a Cowboys fan, I respect Tom Brady, not only for his skill, but also because he’s willing to sacrifice his own paycheck to help carry his team to Super Bowl after Super Bowl. Like Tiki said, this man isn’t selfish, unlike a lot of the other players in the NFL.

  5. i think he deserves 50 mli a year. the GOAT aint greedy though. being highest paid a lot of times puts jinx on ya. still playing at 42, ya don't want jinxes messing with your head. he don't complete 95% of his passes, people be hatin worse than they are. spygate, deflategate, etc never slowed him down. only thing that stopped him was torn acl. what's the difference between a Poser and the GOAT? jewelry.

  6. Even if Brady never win again it's still well deserved cause he never got the payout that he deserved throughout his entire career. What the PATRIOTS franchise makes in merchandise is cause of him as well. Way to go Robert Kraft for making up for loss pay.

  7. Best in the league reading a defense. As for goat, that a stretch. When "all time" is over, we'll be able to determine. He should be paid more than any other player. He's earned it. …from a Pat's hater.

  8. Yep. Im a hawks fan forever, and I LOVE Russ. Unfortunately, its hard to win without the money to pay EVERYBODY. Russ is a top 5 QB. But, we can’t win championships if we can’t afford other players

  9. Tiki: Not your sport, but look at the history of Stevie Yzerman's salary deals in Detroit. At one point, he gave money back into the organization so they could go after Brendon Shanahan, and it worked. The Stanley Cup was the next reward.

  10. Let's see 6 not one or two or three or four or five but 6 mother fucking Superbowl rings and if I was King Kraft I would have paid him $100 million a year after his third ring… $100 million a year is a drop in the bucket for a multi-billionaire… BTW I'm not a big fan of the Patriots but Tom Brady is in my opinion the GOAT and should be named athlete of the century… Maybe number 7 ???? Lucky number 7

  11. Just imagine all the shit Tom Brady had to accomplish to get into the position to get paid so much money. But, now, imagine all the accomplishments his wife had to rack up to make twice as much which is absolutely nothing. This dynamic is a microcosmic representation of the way things really are between gender and pay in the world today. If women make a lot of money these days, it has something big to do with social media and very little to do with skill, labor and raw effort.

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