36 thoughts on “Tiki-Taka Guardiola's (TACTICS) 433(5)/False 9 – FIFA 19 Ultimate Team”

  1. Hello Neal! Thank you for all your videos. It may sound stupid, but you really have helped me to be a better player. Keep the good work. Regards from Chile.

  2. Great video, new sub here. Im gonna give these a shot in the weekend. Do you change any in game tactics? Ie extra striker etc etc?

  3. Bro i used these tactics for 5 games in div 3 (I'm not the best player) but damn it felt so good to play so offensive and absolutely control and pressure tf out of my opponent. Really fun tactic as tiki taka is my style of play anyway. Will try this in fifa 20.

  4. I tried it with a full dutch national team squad for fun and it worked well, i only struggled with finishing chances and i need slow the buildup play cuz i always spam long balls lol

  5. Neal, just tried these CT`s – drew3-3 vs a top Icon Team, thanks again. Just gotta build my Team, say for 2.5m – any suggestions pls?.

  6. Thanks for this amazing tutorial. I think that you can update it with how to build up atack and how to prevent counter and long ball player (How to defend section). Thanks again

  7. this could not have come at a better time, was trying to replicate guardiola tactics with this formation today and this shows up in my notifications. Thanks for this Neal, will be trying this out tomorrow

  8. Unreal m8. I struggle all year to get goals. 3 games in a row i scored 6 i v gone up a full league to league4 and super enjoyed it

  9. Don’t worry I trigger runs like 20 times before they actually run as well. And finally this formation gets attention. Underrated

  10. This is actually a really good guide that covers most of what makes this formation OP.

    The general gist is that you flood your midfield with 3 CMs, making it hard for players to play in and around your penalty box.

    The good thing about the CF / false 9 player is he is always open for a pass. He effectively doubles up as your CAM and ST. As he plays between the lines, he is virtually unmarked. Players who have high dribbling, shooting and speed stats are desirable.

    One recommendation I can make is have your right winger instructions to "free roam". What happens here is that he will drop back and play as a central/cam midfield from time to time. This will force your right midfielder to go wide and play as the right winger!

    This creates a whole other dynamic, it is unique to this formation only.

  11. Keep up the Good work bro!
    Your vids have helped me a lot!
    I have tailored these to suit my playstyle..
    Can you make these vids from start of fifa 20?!
    Sorry bad english…

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