The Raiders Have Moved Past Antonio Brown | Tiki + Tierney

Tiki and Tierney discuss the Raiders 24-16 Week 1 victory over the Denver Broncos, and whether the Raiders can win the AFC West.


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11 Responses

  1. Hans Moleman says:

    tierney's voice is 100% pure radio.
    so soothing.

  2. J Pangle says:

    Yep and the patriots are going to have too also. NFL isn't going to let play after federal rape charges being filed ! Stick a fork in him he is done. Dosnt matter if he did or didn't he's done this year .

  3. Kristina Wilhelm says:

    It seems to me that he's more about money than about playing

  4. yougotmike says:

    Apologize now!!! You were hating baaaad

  5. TheRealManOfSteel says:

    Going to be HILAROUS when the Raiders go 4-12……

  6. Ryen Elliott says:

    Good topics and ideas. Good show

  7. A J says:

    Great talk, but can we stop pretending like the Chiefs have a good defense?

  8. Elijah Ross says:

    Derek Carr has had a good deep ball since day 1, last year he had no protection which is why he went to the checkdown routes

  9. donmon808 says:

    "No matter what happens you arent beating the chiefs" 🤔

  10. Dirty Burger says:

    Raiders actually looked like a professional team. Unfortunately for them, they have the worst schedule in NFL history.

  11. Review That says:


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