The Raiders Are Gutless For Allowing Antonio Brown To Play | Tiki + Tierney

Tiki and Tierney share their thoughts on Antonio Brown returning to the Raiders after apologizing to the team for his blowup with general manager Mike Mayock.


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39 thoughts on “The Raiders Are Gutless For Allowing Antonio Brown To Play | Tiki + Tierney”

  1. The Heck these clowns talking about…They need to be updated to understand what happened ..But really who cares…No more big Drama Show!! Play football..
    AB loses out on millions of dollars and runs around saying hes wtf is he on.. Free? You were always free..That's the problem..AB needs structure in his life but he cant help himself…Bipolar ..Does NFL help the Mentally unsound players in the League…That dude needs help..

  2. No you JOKES will be all over AB's nutz now he's a Patriot! You guys are a JOKE and I can't wait for you to prove me right. Everyone of you idiots disrespect the Raiders but soon as the same (A)ttention (B)itch is on the Patriots its brilliant. Bahahaha How about its Tampering, how about it's the Cheatriots, how about their owner's getting a dome job, how about their INTEGRITY!?! Gutless are you stupid we have to make sure were not out of 30 million! We aren't letting him walk with that money so he was there longer then his stay bc he made this easy. He kept digging a deeper whole and helped us get out from under that guaranteed money. Nobody is letting him walk with 30 million idc who you are. The Raiders dealt with him the way they had too. Hes the Patriots problem now.

  3. Where are you stupid ass Raider haters at now? They did everything right and let him go then the Pats swoop in award him a 9million signing bonus for acting like a madman.

    Where is all that outrage for him being awarded 9 million after acting like a maniac?

  4. The media was going to unload on Oakland for letting him play and now watch how the compliment the Pats for signing him.

    The Pats are giving him a contract and 9mill signing bonus after how he just acted?

  5. Wait wait wait you guys are saying antonio brown is gonna win games for them huh… Antonio brown missed more practices then he even participated and he did not play a single preseason snap so therefore he was not going to be good and there starters for the raiders played awesome without ab in week 2 against the cardinals… Im done with these critics underestimating them and watch them make it to the playoffs

  6. Tiki seems to forget how he used to shit talk Eli and Strahan in the media and how his antics led to the Giants hating him.

  7. All the white guys in America are in their feelings but where were they when the team got rid of Amari and Mack go. Raiders will have another losing season

  8. Tiki.. when you say everything.. you say NOTHING. Terrell Owens got "raw deal" especially on his worth. Now.. according to Tiki.. this guy who got no raw deal is just okay to not be suspended. This is why ratings down. One hundred catches a year.. and nobody wants to watch. I can doubt that he's great. He'll get to prove how great he is. Again. Or he'll blame somebody else. Great or not.. NEVER GET ANOTHER REAL CONTRACT. Owens had to wait a bit, but he got "one more" deal. I'm saying Brown won't. Three more years is his max. With this team. Won't be anybody else. Owens never even got in trouble with law or any girlfriends. And I thought he was funny. Owens had half (or more) of Eagles locker room ON HIS SIDE. Playing for $1.5M.. about 20 percent of going rate. Playing hurt. Wanting to play. I don't know what Brown even wants. It ain't money. It ain't justice. It ain't respect.. getting plenty of that. Don't bother with all the I'M SORRY stuff. Practice.

  9. Actually YOU STOOGES are gutless for sitting behind a desk and firing shots at millionaires while making 20 bucks an hour stfu

  10. SPINELESS !!! ….So no one complain, then when the rich get away with not paying taxes! ….the famous get a pass because of their celebrity status!….politicians take money for votes!….star athletes get away with ANYTHING/EVERTYHING for the win column! ….double standards! …no principles! …..fine example for our kids! ……NO COMPLAINING! …YEAH!

  11. Sorry. This is bullshit. I'm as liberal as they come. I'm all for empowering of african Americans and all that. But sorry this is bullshit. He used a racist slur against his boss and nothing happened. If tom brady had a black GM and called him the n word that would be the story forever, ruin his career, take away his superbowls, and not be in the hof. This is absolutely a double standard here and right wingers are right on this one

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