Singaporeans Turn To Johor’s IVF Clinics For Babies

Singaporean women with trouble conceiving are heading across the Causeway to Johor Bahru, Malaysia, for fertility treatments.

Women over 45 cannot receive in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatment in Singapore; while for those 40 and over, who aren’t eligible for IVF subsidies, treatment at public hospitals can cost S$10,000 or more. In JB, a cycle of treatment can be half that. In addition, embryonic screening is widely available there, unlike in Singapore.

Actress and getai singer Liu Ling Ling was one of those who had a successful pregnancy after IVF treatment in JB. But are the high success rates boasted of by clinics too good to be true?

#TalkingPoint looks at the risks of assisted reproduction, by speaking to Felicia Tan who miscarried twice after 3 IVF cycles; and Dr Hemashree Rajesh of the Centre for Assisted Reproduction, who puts the chances of a live birth for a woman over 40 at 1 out of 10.

WATCH: Felicia Tan’s ‘miracle baby’

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15 Responses

  1. Sommer Allford says:

    When we decided for one more baby with my spouse, we proceeded to go for the “Gοfαt Fanvuko” (Goοgle it) If you wish to learn why this formula is life-changing, you can have a look at Goοgle. I had been able to accomplish having a baby right after A few months of following the plan and healthy eating foods. Although I am older, I had been still able to improve my life style using this method..

  2. Crystal says:

    I am a girl of in early 20s and I USED to be very judgemental about women above 40s concieving bc like many other I thought " yikes so old alr still want baby? Selfish". However as I grew up and know of more people giving birth later I realised that its not about the age, but its about how well u can provide and take care of ur child. Whats the point of giving birth at 30s (most common) if u cannot provide well for ur child? I would rather give birth later (40s) when I have good financial capabilities then give birth early without being fully prepared bc idw the child to suffer. Anyways those women who give birth late have financial abilities to go for advanced pregnancy checks and ensure their own health. Age dosent determine ur parenthood abilities. Similarly, being a young parent also dosent mean that u cant take of a child. It rly depends on the individual and the situation

  3. Septimius Severus says:

    Hello is what is Gan Kim Yong doing? This is pathetic for Singaporean.

  4. Aankit Krishna says:

    I don't know why people want children so desperately. Population will increase and resources will get exhausted. They also do not care about animals as they kill them. I hate South East asians

  5. Pin Wei says:

    Dont understd the purpose of the video. Contents and title dont jive.

  6. ceciLOVEtaco says:

    Others have the resource, energy, time, proper mental status to carry a son at 50 , so what has it to do with you nasty people?

  7. TYL4027 Hi says:

    My Mother had me at 41 and ye

  8. Stephanie Hale says:

    Just enjoy the life with each other, husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend, and with other family members. The world is already overcrowded and will be better off without more babies. Besides, Singapore is a tiny island so it has physical limitations. It's already one of the most densely populated areas/cities in the world.

  9. piconico says:

    "Mama, you are the best mother in the world" … those words make me cry

  10. 1chai says:

    After you die, you leave two things in this world. The first one is your tombstone which is just a stone. The second thing is your DNA within your offspring. Your DNA surely has chance to thrive until the end of universe.

  11. Fion says:

    Why can't they just adopt? There are so many orphans who need loving families and Singapore is overpopulated as it is. Is the animal instinct/societal pressure/desire for security etc. to pass on one's genes, even poor ones, so strong that one cannot see the bigger picture?

  12. jrukawa11 says:

    are you selling something?

  13. Anonim Anonim says:

    I had rather a mother who is late in pregnancy but grateful for my birth than mother who is birth me but abandon or abuse me. Why people very easy for judge what and when we death especially mother in late pregnancy didn’t give love for them? Maybe the netizen never knew who is going to the death at first, you or this mother. Giving birth and loving his son/ daughter is truly angel mother, you never know what you feel when living in the hell roof-house with a mother who is abuse or bullying yourself everyday and I was the victim from that.

  14. Lee Hong Jin says:

    Me: Why did you people not get pregnant earlier?
    Of course quite self centered view but kinda true as well.

  15. _Syed adli_ says:

    passport visa..HAHAHA

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