SERENDIPITY Official Music Video by Tiki Taane

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Serendipity written, produced & mixed by Tiki Taane at Tikidub Solar Powered Studios.
Featuring Anna Coddington, Annie Crummer, Boh Runga, Charlie & Karcia on backup vocals.
Marika Hodgson on bass guitar.
Lucien Johnson on saxophone.
Barrett Hocking on trumpet.
Wazza Maxwell on flute & melodica.
Mastered by Evan Short at Mercury Audio Rarotonga.

Video shot & edited by Mark Russell (Renegade Peach) with help from Brutus Powers.
Video filmed at Wayne Tait Photography.
Post animations by Owen Watts (The Makers Initiative).
Hair & makeup by Mary Estelle.
Catering by Karina & Courtney from KC Catering.
Video assistance from Nanny Lyn & Ryder.

Serendipity dedicated to Rachel Axis.


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28 Responses

  1. Frankie- Rose Kelly says:

    Such a good song!!

  2. 4d4m 4nt07 says:

    awesome songwriting

  3. shaunrayray says:

    this song makes me SO HAPPY!! 😁

  4. eddie tere says:

    mean song bro solid

  5. Stephen J Hall says:

    Awesome joy and sharing. May the Force be with you all. Kia kaha from the Gissie boy in Malaysia.

  6. Sandi O'Higgins says:

    This is the song I'm humming when I wake up in the morning..Love it!

  7. Chris Conway Photography says:

    Such awesomeness! Congratulations and thanks for sharing this moment with all of us. Much happiness!

  8. Lori Tucker says:


  9. bullamarta says:

    Cranking song bro!!!!!

  10. Craig Neeve says:

    Heard this on Hosking

  11. Anthony Sharp says:

    Defs my new jam. Mad song bro!

  12. Elisabeth Cammell says:

    So beautiful and genuine 💕 and how cool to have this precious family memory in song and video?! My husband wrote me a song to propose as well, and it is such a treasure. Congratulations!!! 💝❤️🥳

  13. Dean Bremner says:

    Awesome 😎 🤙🏽

  14. Raquel Saenz Casado says:

    So sweet! CONGRATULATIONSSS!!!!!

  15. Hiwirori says:

    Awesome & catchy. All the best to you both 👌🏾

  16. ogsmoke 420 says:

    boring song

  17. Issac King says:

    You are a genius <3

  18. m henry says:

    Love love love this song….Congratulations tiki and Rachel…..this is my new jam❤❤❤💯

  19. Tamihana Thompson says:

    Shot badas

  20. jack moki says:


  21. Gchild213 says:

    Beautiful waiata and what a video!! ❤️

  22. Keltic Fury says:

    Wish I could thumbs up this every day

  23. Stefan Gantenbein says:

    Fantastic ✨💑❣️❣️❣️✨congratulations 🎊 nice song and all the best wishes 💕💕💕greetings from fernleafshuby ✨🌿💚🌿✨🤗

  24. rhys Illingworth says:

    You the man tiki congrats. Much love man added to the bangerzzzz 🤙

  25. Artsy Mood says:

    you are such a lovely family guys! so happy for you)))))

  26. FreakiestT says:

    So much aroha❤️

  27. Ange Edwards says:

    Congratulations, this was beautiful! <3

  28. Kruz Peneha says:


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