Modern Tiki: Marlin

Not too much to say about this Mai Tai variant other than that is was created by Clancy Carroll in 2000 and was uncovered and re-popularized by Jeff “Beachbum” Berry. It is super refreshing, beautiful to look at and feels like a vacation. Now with summer coming to a close, it’s more important than ever to keep those vacation vibes going! Hope You guys enjoy!

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Barfly Shaking Set: 
Barfly Hawthorn Strainer: 
Luxardo Cherries:
Cocktail Pick:

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Here’s The Specs:
1oz (30ml) Light Rum
1oz (30ml) Rhum Agricole Vieux
.5oz (15ml) Blue Curaçao
.5oz (15ml) Luxardo Maraschino
.5oz (15ml) Orgeat
.5oz (15ml) Lemon Juice
.5oz (15ml) Lime Juice
Pineapple, Cherry, Orchid Garnish


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13 Responses

  1. David Anthony says:

    Whoa whoa whoa. No “WHATS UP GUYS! Welcome back to the Educated Barfly!” ?

  2. Sea Bass says:

    Omg this has all my favourite flavours, it’s bound to become one of my favorite. I just have to make myself some orgeat.

  3. Victor Legendre says:

    Damn I was so proud I noticed the shirt within the first few seconds

  4. S says:

    how long lasts freshly squeezed lime/lemon juice? Do you keep it in the fridge or are you squeezing if you need it. You have so much in that bottle

  5. Ms Lady Holliman says:

    This looks beautiful

  6. LordBeloved says:

    03:40 I hoped this would be a set up for Marius’ face reveal!

  7. Just J says:

    Can I substitute Blue Curacao for something like Grand Marnier? Don't have Blue at home or at the bars I work at.

  8. Steam Mocking says:

    Looks and sounds great! If only I could find a bottle of good quality curacao here in Finland…

  9. llcoolmartine says:

    RDF=Resting Dick Face. I have that too – never knew that it had such a fine name though.

  10. Gabriel Toledano says:

    What makes Blue Curaçao blue? is it just food coloring? if so, flavor wise, you could use regular Curaçao and the drink would be the same. Right?

  11. Quintin Hellier says:

    Its such a cool colour !

  12. DarkFaerie316 says:

    Oohh, I think I'll try this tonight. Also, love your shirt 🙂

  13. ナミ泥棒猫 says:


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