Moana Replacing the Tiki Room at Walt Disney World: IS IT TRUE? – Disney News

We take a look at the latest rumor of a Moana overlay coming to the Enchanted Tiki Room, the misleading reporting surrounding it, as well as Disney’s direct rebuttal to the rumor. All that and more on the way! This is Mickey Views News, your source for Disney News!


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Directed By: Brayden
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Daily Disney Photos By: Chris

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42 Responses

  1. CorpseOfficialVEVO says:

    Please stop touching old rides 😢

  2. The Lingerers says:

    i doubt this overlay happens now that moana is getting its own attraction in EPCOT

  3. The geeking channel says:

    It’s fake they can’t get rid of a classic attraction

  4. Mike R says:

    You really have your finger on the pulse of what’s going on at Disney and you have an agile professional manner of presenting it!!

  5. Pato Swag says:

    Tiki is way better then monana

  6. Sonic Phish says:

    My grandfather worked on the tiki room. Is anything sacred at Disney anymore? Leave it the fuck alone.

  7. Bryan Fernandez says:

    Hey Brayden , you should have a Mickey Views app , I think it would be cool and fun .

  8. DisMindy5767 says:

    Unless Dwayne Johnson is meeting guests outside the attraction, I don't see any reason to mess with a classic! I hated the Under New Management version. Gilbert Gottfried's voice shouldn't be anywhere near an attraction ever again!

  9. RLA614 says:

    I love these debunked videos.

  10. David Duff says:

    I think Disney did the right thing and I would love to see more companies standing up to these click bait websites. People need to be held accountable for incorrect or sensationalized pieces that they post.

  11. Cisco Duncan says:

    Thank you Brayden for all your information and content. 👍🏾✌🏾

  12. Fox says:

    Other than selling toys to to little girls Moana has done very little to deserve this kind of exposure in the park. It didn’t win any major awards like Zootopia or make anything near Zootopia’s billon dollar blockbuster status.

  13. Joseph Parodi says:

    I have alot of gp friends and they said oh Journey into imagination is gonna get replaced. I said no and they said yes because it's a source from Disney. I replied,"no people like figment way too much and makes tons of money each year. Eisner tried to remove Figment and everyone hated it because everyone loves Figment. I see a major overhaul of Figment coming soon but never seeing it get replaced

  14. FranklynCrankyn says:


  15. brian johnstone says:

    👍🏼👍🏼 liked this format, especially rumor talk. Love hearing any potential coming to the World

  16. James Murdoch says:

    Love to hear about rumors

  17. Its Toxic says:

    You always call people out by name.

  18. Luke Roberts says:

    On 3:40 I don’t know 🤷‍♂️ why is Disney is replacing Moana with a iconic attraction and I know this attraction by the ♥️ as well.

  19. The American says:

    Good I dislike the Tiki Room

  20. Universal Jake says:


  21. Christopher T says:


  22. Brian Lupo says:

    Anyone remember tropical serenade

  23. Lina Umpierre says:

    As a matter of fact, I rather like the original Enchanted Tiki Room Show best!

  24. Kermit 2020 says:

    Hi Brayden I’m just saying even just a Moana overlay I would be pissed

  25. Jake Collins says:

    Tokyo Disney Resort has Stitch included in their Tiki Room and it makes the attraction that little more entertaining. There comes a point where old attractions do need to be refreshed because the younger generations don’t appreciate the originality anymore. Including Moana in the WDW Tiki room would be a welcomed refresh. Even if it’s just for a short period of time.

  26. xSummerJoyx says:

    I don't mind you exposing WDWNT at all! Their sensationalizing is just so dishonest and it's so upsetting to see them get away with riling people up just for clicks. I actually wouldn't mind a temporary Moana OVERLAY, I would have to see it before I judged, but making people think Tiki Room is being replaced entirely?? Come on. I just couldn't believe that for even a minute.

  27. Newman's Own Travel Adventures says:

    Good job Disney, love the rebuttal , …and great job Brayden…..hope I spelt it right, only hear you say your name, and didn't see How its spelt

  28. yostification says:

    Good stuff Brayden . Thank you for this update . We love the Tiki room.

  29. Scotts Disney theme playlists says:

    They better not change my bae

  30. Scrambled 59 says:

    I would be mad but…

    Moana is one of my favourite Disney movies so I'm happy it's getting more representation at the parks

  31. Michael Mathias says:

    A live Moana cast member as part of the show would work…especially if they keep all the old songs

  32. Michael Mathias says:

    I'd like a Moana overlay as she's my daughters favorite. I'd also like to make an additional suggestion…incorporate Moana in the Polynesian hotel too.

  33. Russel Mathias says:

    Sir, I really enjoy your professionalism and enthusiasm.

  34. t griffin says:

    tiki room hurts my neck

  35. Mitchell Ries says:

    I just saw a video from Fresh Baked Presents where they said that rumor has been debunked.

  36. WayToSon says:

    I think reporting the truth is all good. I also think that if you are sticking with what Disney says then there's no mud especially if you don't actually name the other site that started the rumor. I am not fond of the naming game….
    On the upside…a Moana show would be awesome but not as a replacement to the Tiki Room. I am glad Disney did not give the false reporting site a name.I also think that Disney did indeed refute the rumors they wanted to. They never said they were addressing every rumor, just the one spread by an unscrupulous site, and they indeed do that. They just didn't address the rumors people were hoping to hear about.

  37. Brad Russell says:

    Great job Brayden. Love the way you handled this story and post!

  38. Brendan Spillane says:

    Yeah Disney just slammed this rumor saying it’s not true so….

  39. Greg Wood says:

    I think your reasoning on why Disney responded is spot on.

  40. Shawn Eaton says:

    GREAT video! I’m torn on Moana in the Tiki room …

  41. D7 F says:

    Nooo,keep the classics😑 it's true Walt Disney .but a moana show would
    be just brilliant 😍in another location.

  42. Daniel Gomez says:

    If Disney considers to have the Enchanted Tiki Room with a Moana overlay, and if it happens I believe it might be a summer reprogramming overlay show.

    That means a brand new soundtrack, new voices for the birds that would sound like their original counterparts and I also believe not a animatronic Moana but I believe a actress that will portray Moana and walk around the middle of the Tiki Room.

    I also believe that if this comes about, it would just be a reprogramming summer overlay change. So that way a lot of people can experience the original Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room, and then when the summer comes they'll might experience the Enchanted Tiki Room featuring Moana. However I don't know if they'll might get the voice of Moana to record her lines for the attraction, and then have the cast member actress to lip-sync her speaking and singing. If they go like that as the easy way for the summer overlay show, that would be even better, so the cast member actresses won't have to be scripted and try to remember their lines from the script for the show.

    If all of this happens, I definitely would like to go to the Magic Kingdom during the summer. And watch the Enchanted Tiki Room featuring Moana, and at the same time before that I would like to see the original Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room shell. The Enchanted Tiki Room definitely needs some seasonal reprogramming overlays, to get people to come again and again, with different reprogramming seasonal overlays for the attraction. And yes it would be cool to see Moana inside the enchanted Tiki Room, but the character shouldn't be a animatronic, the Moana character should be a cast member actress. So with that idea she can walk around the middle of the Tiki Room, and to be like the main character hostess of the summer reprogramming overlay show of the attraction.

    And of course the four main character Birds still need to be the main characters of the show, and they would need to be voiced by brand new voice actors. To sound like The Impressions from the old voice actors, in other words they have to look for a voice actor that could imitate comedian Wally Boag who voiced Jose, to use the same impression for the bird character with the approach of a Mexican accent just like Wally Boag did. I also believe that they should get the current voice of Tony the Tiger to voice Fritz, because Thurl Ravenscroft who was the original voice of Tony the Tiger, had voiced that character from before. So for a summer reprogramming overlay, they need to get the guy who is the current voice of Tony the Tiger, and use the exact same impression for Fritz. So if the enchanted Tiki Room featuring Moana comes about if it happens, the four main character Birds will have new voice impressions from new voice actors to portray them and to sound like their original voice actor counterparts and impressions.

    I really hope that the Enchanted Tiki Room will get a reprogramming seasonal overlay that will come during the summer only, that will feature Moana alongside our beloved Feathered Friends Jose, Michael, Pierre and Fritz. Another thing I hope there will be another reprogramming seasonal overlay for the Enchanted Tiki Room, for the Christmas season. I hope that Disney is trying to work on a reprogramming Christmas overlay show for the enchanted tiki room as well. Because the Enchanted Tiki Room during the Christmas season, needs to blend in with the Christmas spirit and I would definitely like to hear some Christmas songs sung by the four Birds, the girl Birds, the flowers and hopefully the tiki gods.

    If all of this happens during the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World, I hope these ideas of seasonal reprogramming overlays will even make their way to Disneyland's Enchanted Tiki Room. If all of this is going to happen at both Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom of Walt Disney World, I predict it will be Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room from February to May, the Enchanted Tiki Room featuring Moana from June to October and the Enchanted Tiki Room Christmas special from November to January. I hope all of these ideas will come about in both coasts, starting during Walt Disney World's 50th anniversary

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