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  1. Julien Vandyck says:

    Merci pour ce très bon souvenir. Julien

  2. Ric Hoffmann says:

    Hi Charles great live sound & playing by you all, thanks for sharing

  3. Mick Wilkinson says:

    Hi Charles. good live performance, great sound, well done guys…………….Mick

  4. pippo947 says:

    Hi Charles….
    Complimenti….saluti da Napoli…pippo.-

  5. Charles Campbell says:

    Thank you all for the great compliments! I have to admit, that was us playing and our audio, but I had to edit the audio in places, borrowing good parts for a big boo boo i made in one place in particular, and enhance the sound as much as I could! Cheers C

  6. John Alex says:

    Hi, fantastic live recording, have never heard a cover band sounding this great live. Big like!

  7. Kjell Christensen says:

    Hi Charles. Nice Post. Thanks for sharing. All the best/Kjell 🎸 🎸

  8. 59Mrfreeze says:

    Fabulous Charles although timpani drum would have really nailed the sound

  9. ALopez46 says:

    Fantastic live performance Charles and great sound.
    Happy weekend /Antonio

  10. Bernard Bigorgne says:

    Beautiful Shadows cover and beautiful video Charles..
    Kind regards.

  11. Steve Valentine says:

    Excellent Charles

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