IVF Update: Prepping for Embryo Transfer

IVF Update: Prepping for Embryo Transfer


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41 thoughts on “IVF Update: Prepping for Embryo Transfer”

  1. Oh man, I don’t miss the progesterone. I had to do it myself because the one time I let my husband try he hurt me. I had to do it every day 😭 I also had numbness for a few months after.

  2. How are you so sure that you will be pregnant? Happy as well as curious to hear that.

    Hopefully you do. My prayers and best wishes are with you.

    Do let us know about the result of your HCG test post the 2WW period.

  3. Im almost 8 months pregnant with my IVF baby! I am so glad I am out of the injection and insert process, that was intense! But it was totally worth it! The only advice I have is dont forget the panty liner, and warm the oil before injecting to make it flow smoother. I would fill the syringe then put it in my cleavage or hold it in my hand for 10 minutes to get it warm. For me, the first cycle did not take, but the second one did. My first cycle was directly after my second retrieval. My second cycle was a medicated one like you are doing, and the baby stuck in place like a champ!! Prayers and blessings to you and yours!!!

  4. Dulce im so happy for you ! But I have to ask this ! Where can I get a Frida doll like the one behind you ?? I’ll pray for your little miracle:)

  5. Thinking of you every day. God willing all goes beautifully and your baby is now growing inside of you. 🙏🙏🙏🙏 Que Dios la bendiga.

  6. I have no idea how I got here 🙄, never have I seen any of your videos! But from the bottom of my heart, I wish and hope everything goes well and you get pregnant. Even if you don't, don't give up (as hard as it seems)!! May God bless you (with 2 healthy babies) and help you on your journey.

  7. Hello Dulce, I have been following you for years. We have very similar stories when it comes to infertility. I just transferred two weeks ago and found out yesterday I'm pregnant possibly with twins. I wish you the best on this journey it is ann emotional ride so be prepared. FYI ice works great for progesterone I'm terrified of needles, I still have 5 weeks more of this. Best wishes Dulce! 😊👍❤️

  8. You should check Rachelle and Justin utube they have 1 Daughter Emma who is 1 they had Brenn who was still born but now she just had transfer we will know if she is pregnant next week

  9. I hope so much that you are pregnant ❤️❤️❤️ my embryo transfer is the end of October. We have tried for 6 years. Thank you for being so open. You are so strong, you will do it xxx

  10. I went through IVF last year in Feb took about 2years to get my miracle baby. My advice is try to stay calm and positive. I know for me it was so hard to stay positive but I did fertility acupuncture and I think that really help me with my last frozen embryo transfer. I now have a 10month old boy.

  11. Wish I could afford to have my embryos tested. I had 14 embryos now have 13 after my first transfer being successful❤️ Congrats to you praying for sticky baby!!!!

  12. I just can’t believe you’re going to be a mommy to be once again! Congratulations to you and Jesse! You’re a great mother to Izec, he’s going to be the a great big brother as well! ♥️

  13. Keeping a positive mindset through the journey is a must. I get it’s not fair, there will be road bumps but it will ALL be worth it when your holding that miracle baby. I’d do the whole process all over again if it meant me getting to hold my sweet baby girl. Praying everything goes well with your transfer!

  14. I just turned 41 and started prepping for IVF, now taking supplements to prepare my body and we will start the journey soon, my husband works abroad and he will come home to freeze sperm. Its gonna be tough because he will not be around during my IVF journey .Im Getting inspiration from your IVF journey I believe you will be pregnant soon👆God bless

  15. I saw your Snaps on the day you did it and i was in tears happy for you. I pray all goes well ♡
    Thank you for sharing this stressful journey with us. Wishing you and Jesse many blessings

  16. Hi Dulce!
    My biggest advice is to really stay positive, and not give up after a failure.
    I personally had a 2 years trying naturally, 2 years of IUI, then 2 years of IVF. We did 2 retrievals, first one we had 6 embryos, we did a total of 4 transfers and the 3rd one ended in early miscarriage. Our 2nd ivf retrieval we decided on pgs testing, 44 eggs, 16 embryos, 8 made it to day 5 and tested, 5 embryos normal, 3 girls 2 boys, our first transfer this round worked and I am currently snuggled up with my 5 week old baby girl. Take it easy, pray, meditate, love yourself and enjoy the process, it’s hard but so worth it once you finally hold that baby in your arms.

    Ps, ice before the PIO also worked amazing for me, never felt the shot, only the soreness.

    Keeping you and your sweet family & embryos in my prayers 🙂🙏🏻

  17. Good luck Dulce, I'm so happy for you! Please keep updating us, your videos are very helpful for anyone thinking of embarking on this journey. Lots of love xxxx

  18. Yay so excited for you Dulce, love watching your life, it’s so interesting and real. I love it. Been watching since forever ❤️ good luck positive vibes your way. You deserve the best!

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