INSANE PASSING!! | Barcelona Tiki Taka 2009-2015 REACTION!!!

The passing in this video was inane. I enjoyed this video so much. If you enjoyed my reaction make sure to like, comment, and subscribe for more videos!

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INSANE PASSING!! | Barcelona Tiki Taka 2009-2015 REACTION!!!


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24 Responses

  1. Max Johansson says:

    Tiki Taka means = Tic Tac basically, which is an illustration of the sound of the ball when passing back and fourth..

  2. Uptarc says:

    They mostly don't communicate, but when you play football you have this in your instincts and when you train together and play a lot as a team you know how you have to run.. 😉 greets from Germany

  3. saguna siddheshwari says:

    Will barca ever be like this again? I mean this is perfection!

  4. Gringo the Viking says:

    If you play football you learn the ”patterns”. Like if I watch a game on tv I see their options etc but I guess if you new to the sport it will take some time 😛

  5. Rmonga Gaming says:

    That’s why Barcelona is the Best Club in the world🔵🔴😁

  6. SC 1827 says:

    No, it is not a dumb question. And, yes, this is a style of playing. It's called Tiki – Taka

  7. mrSnoty says:

    Great reactions so far, young American disciple. Don't be too afraid to say something wrong or feeling embarrassed
    , you will be corrected in the comments by someone and this channel is so new bro

  8. Carolyn Moseley says:

    Tika Taka is Barca's style of football other teams have adopted some of their styles but Barca is the best at the pass and move type of play. Pep was the coach that really pushed this style; now he coaches at Manchester City Football Club

  9. Carolyn Moseley says:

    The names with the dates were the coaches for the seasons

  10. Florian Lotz says:

    you americans will get to that football in future. you will love it

  11. Stephen McCloy says:

    You'd appreciate this video alot more if you knew or had an understanding of what the offside rule is

  12. Ben Pantera says:

    most of this is telephatic. They know each other very well. That why barcelona and spanish national team one of the greatest team in this era.

  13. Jerry Paul says:

    You Love Basketball? Then watch this Video from European Fans at Basketball.

  14. Matheus Marques says:

    Now you must react to the rivals – Real Madrid – playing style: counter atack.
    Real Madrid counter atacks.

  15. Fatima Idris says:

    You should also watch Messi all 51 goals in 2018/19 with commentaries

  16. Fatima Idris says:

    If you loved this video you should watch- FC Barcelona – this is football. And they played a certain style tiki taka were you build up play, you form triangles and overload opponents. It’s about possession, position and pressing. It’s a philosophy from one of the greatest footballers Johan Cruyff, he started it and then Pep Guardiola evolved the philosophy, Pep actually played under Cruyff in also one of the best teams ever in football. Tiki taka is not a normal style of play, many teams counter attack like Real Madrid. But Barcelona came with a new style

  17. Mice Ears says:

    Xavi and Iniesta together were just deadly for other teams.

  18. Armando Flores says:


  19. leticia Casas says:

    Barcelona is trash . React to real Madrid counter attacks

  20. Edwin Gomez says:

    As much as I hate them, being a Real Madrid (eternal rivals) fan, I got to admit that they were one of the greatest teams, if not the greatest. All that "one touch" passing around would drive other teams crazy trying to get the ball from them. Keep up the good work man.

  21. Stone Cold says:

    Watch Xavi chameleon eyes! Probably the best passer in football history
    Tiki taka is just a part of possession style football
    There is counter attacks
    Constant pressure
    Attack and hold
    And finally possession(tiki taka is just a highly passing style of football nowadays played mainly by Barcelona(spanish), Manchester city(english) and Ajax(Dutch) literally my favorite teams mainly because of the style and in the main leagues i just wanted a team for each league, the Italian league and the French league is a bit garbage cause there is no competition)

  22. dhavid airdem says:

    Yep it's the same team… The jerseys keep changing because of home and away games… You wear your first kit (jerseys) at a home (stadium) game then the second kit on the road (away)… You can still wear your first kit away provided the home team don't have same colours as the away team or something like that… Each team has three kits overall

  23. dhavid airdem says:

    The reason they gel so well is that the core of the team (Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Busquets, Fabregas and the like) have been playing together since they were kids in the barcelona academy where they were taught this playing philosophy so they know each other so well and they know exactly what they're doing… React to the rest of the names in the bracket individually and you'll see why they play like this… First react to "Xavi chameleon eyes"

  24. steefan raj says:

    This team is special
    That’s why real football fans love Barcelona

    They don’t want to win the match without great performance

    No team can pass better than Barcelona

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