Fire Emblem Heroes – Fallen Berkut, Mareeta, Corrin & Tiki – Darkness Within First Impressions [FEH]

What’s up guys, I am Pheonixmaster1 & welcome for some Fire Emblem Heroes First Impression and Stats speculation video. In this video, I discuss Darkness Within banner and it comes out this Friday in FEH! It features Fallen Berkut, Fallen Mareeta, Fallen Female Corrin and Fallen Young Tiki. I also speculate their stats and I give you my general thoughts on these units 🙂

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22 Responses

  1. Pheonixmaster1 says:

    Yo guys, Sorry I just goofed up in Mareeta's Stats. I didn't account for +5 Damage from Flashing Blade 4. So my expected stat spread of her now is: 42 HP / 33 Atk / 43 Spd / 30 Def / 22 Res – 169 BST.
    Btw What are your thoughts on this banner?

  2. Sylin Amalthea says:

    Hi PM1! Would you be interested in making a video about your ideas for builds for heroes like these? They are in the normal summoning pool, so they can come to us everytime.

  3. Jim Jim says:

    I’ve pulled three Fallen Tiki’s since I just started the game when I actually want Fallen Corrin, #FeelsBadMan

  4. Sappyre says:

    Literally came back to the game just for Fallen Berkut…I really liked his art and this banner's Forging Bonds event was just hilarious LOL

  5. Deox6R says:

    What the theme of this banner?

  6. Aimer .nk8 says:

    Please do a video on their buildssssss

  7. DnDn-f says:

    I got Corrin on my free summon and Berkut just after so i think I'm lucky btw Corrin best unit of the banner

  8. Asian P says:

    Wassup with alts for Sigurd or a legendary version!? That man got some potential an has a good nichen slow as hell. But got magic tanking skills easy!

  9. Asian P says:

    Would of been alot cooler if Corrin got the same solo skill as Duma. Dragon teams got all kinda crazy ass characters now, just be cool to have one with a skill like mordecai where he debuffs enemies after using a move skill close enough an uses his link skill.

  10. Asian P says:

    Finally got myself one, got Fallen corrin, BETTER THAN NONE! Want all four of them, Berkut an Tiki bc of DC making any unit damn near usable but that Marietta got a cool lil niche like Lewyn BUT being I got a badass Lewyn I honestly HARDLY have ever even used him after getting him setup the way I like. Tiki, Corrin an Berkut got the stats an niche weapon an abilities to survive the future. Marietta Idk. She just seems cool but easy to deal with if you approach her properly like Lewyn.

  11. DragonKnight90001 says:

    I got tiki and corrin….im happy

  12. Jaceon says:

    Tfw Rinea does more in Heroes as a cameo than she did in SoV where she only existed to die

  13. Little M says:

    I got 5 star mareeta in the first try I was so happy I thought I was only going to get all silver but got her she looks really cool her animation I'm happy

  14. Mr I Don’t exist says:

    This is my least favorite banner the dark them Bothers me

  15. Knight And SpaceShip says:

    Tbh this is the like best banner we had in a while.
    not an event exclusives.
    all are useful in some ways (unit-wise and fodder-wise with those ATK/SPD solo and those 4th tier skills)

    -Null follow up and ATK/SPD solo are no longer event exclusive skills

    This is how all banners should be handled instead of having like 1-2 useful units and the rest are trash.

  16. UNKNOWN says:


  17. Curious Carlo says:

    Funny enough, Ayra, or at least the Ayra I met in the new game mode the bonds one, she's the only one sword unit I met so far, that can stand up against my Mareeta

  18. TUFF_ Pringle says:

    I got corrin on my fifth summon?!

  19. shane44567 says:

    Corrin and tiki are really sleeper picks. Especially with lack drawing this legendary tiki alt lol..

  20. Eeveevscharizard says:

    I got Corrin at level 40 and she is one of my best units so fst, she much better than the wyvern rider archer I was using.

  21. Romain says:

    Well for the fallen heroes they still got the fate revelation timeline where anankos killed everyone and then using them as vallite solders

    Except shigure boy

  22. SdSC28 says:

    Will you make a Theme Battle against Delthea with the Units who saved her (excluding her brother of course ), so with Alm, Gray, etc.

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