FEH Tiki Mystery Solo Infernal Marth & Caeda BHB

A video I made in response to a friend’s video. He may be a little Modern with his units but I felt letting Tiki Mystery handle it was appropriate.

The only difference in my team’s normal toolkits is that Tiki Mystery is using Ignis and Reciprocal Aid instead of Glimmer and Swap. That and Summer Tiki Mystery is using Reciprocal Aid instead of Ardent Sacrifice. When I first attempted this at its launch day, it only took 2 tries to beat. The first attempt let me know I was going to need Reciprocal Aid and a harder hitting special to knock out Marth, hence ignis.

The Tikis just clung to my finger. (I need to get a new glass screen protector)

source: https://dinhk.net/

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5 thoughts on “FEH Tiki Mystery Solo Infernal Marth & Caeda BHB”

  1. So much for Falchion being good against dragons, I guess. Either way, it was still fun to see an infernal get rekt so hard

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