Fallen Tiki Burns Everything in Fire Emblem Heroes… (Build – Showcase)

Fallen Tiki says she will burn everything inside fire emblem heroes… and she is not wrong… The Darkness within banner was kind enough to give me 2 fallen Tiki’s with the same ivs, and after trying different build ideas out I settled with her base kit, with the addition or brazen atk res, in s slot (for the mages, easily interchangeable with brazen atk def) and aether (because special fighter allows you to proc it so often, with little fear of being hit by the enemy’s special). Solitary Dream is also a really cool and fun new skill which definitely helped me out a lot! I hope you guys enjoyed seeing my fallen Tiki build showcase, I had lots of fun making it, and I will continue to use Fallen Tiki because she is just so good at burning everything :3!

p.s. I want to try fortify def/res on Fallen Tiki, so then she can really pull an Idunn ;3


source: https://dinhk.net/

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30 thoughts on “Fallen Tiki Burns Everything in Fire Emblem Heroes… (Build – Showcase)”

  1. This is the unit I’m going for in Future Past Banner. Why? Two reasons. One she’s the best unit in the game and two is possessed loli.

  2. If only i had fury 4
    Mine has
    fury 3
    Special f
    S . dream
    Brazen att/res

    She destroy everything except for falchion users and roycist

  3. I managed to pull a +RES -SPD Tiki at 3.75%. Kinda disappointed, I pulled again, and immediately got a +ATK -DEF Tiki. Needless to say, I picked the ATK asset. For builds, I'm running Mirror Stance and Vengeful Fighter. Believe me when I say that even without Brazens, she kills everything.

  4. I summoned all of the off this banner, The sheer amount of luck was real and I know I will never get this lucky off a banner ever again

  5. I summoned her on the first day of the banner (+Hp – Spd)

    Then RNG fell in my favor again and I summoned her again! (+res – spd)

    Decided to merge and go with the +res asset. She hits like a truck when double brazens are active (can reach 70 atk with her C skill and double brazens – absolute madness).

    Needless to say, she’s definitely gonna be fun to use in arena and clearing future content.

  6. This Tiki could pretty much razes any opponent she wants too, she can easily take out enemies and heal up too.

    Though it can be pretty hard to find a right balance for Special Fighter and Double Brazen to be simultaneously active.

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