English teams play the best Tiki-Taka ?!

who said english teams are about long balls ? here is some crazy tiki taka & team plays proving the opposite

source: https://dinhk.net/

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  1. Kashifuddin Ahmed says:

    Ever heard of barcelona

  2. Christian90 says:

    Chelsea is the worst team to watch… its tactics is the inventions of single players

  3. Eugene Fevrier says:

    Xavi,Iniesta,Messi and Busquets

  4. Eugene Fevrier says:

    Xavi,Iniesta,Messi and Busquets

  5. ZaHiRuL rApidO says:

    Tiki taka mid table team.

  6. Fahrul Amran says:

    Arsenal best

  7. Theory Of The Modern World says:

    Not everyteam. Just Arsene Wenger.

  8. PYD• SpecTre says:

    3:22 that was insane😱

  9. Ignacio Vazquez says:

    This is not tiki taka, only occasional plays.Tiki taka is all the match no one or two good plays

  10. Celil İskender says:

    Bunların oynadığı futbolsa biz ne izliyoruz 🙂

  11. David Velas says:

    Juegan muy bien. pero los defensas parecen conos en la mayoría de goles del vídeo. si no presionan es normal que les hagan eso

  12. tuaha ebrahim truter says:

    Barça was the best tiki taka play ever.

  13. Odirley C.R. says:

    English teams > Rest of World

  14. Enrike Cabuto says:

    Name songs?

  15. Donovan Lewis says:

    I like the term 1 touch passing, 😏

  16. Will G says:

    Wenger-ball <3

  17. Scream Maex says:

    Arsenal fans?
    From 392 clip in video
    Arsenal have 391 clip there 😂😂😂

  18. saif football says:

    the coach is guardiola klüpp and wenger emery which games was based to the tiki taka

  19. Joel Samuel says:

    Never disrespect Barcelona like this

  20. George Combii says:

    This video is basically 1 Arsenal goal, one other BPL team goal, 1 Arsenal goal … etc.

  21. raman sarma says:

    No you Madrid fan. Barca, your rivals, invented, perfected and destroyed your team with tiki-taka.

  22. YAKUZA69 says:

    You should have put Arsenal instead of English teams..
    Like to agree

  23. abir hassan says:

    u need 10 years of epl to make a 5min video..bt if u analyze one season of barca tiki taka u can make a video of 10+ min 🙂

  24. Eduardo Lopez says:

    Best arsenal tiki taka

  25. MrMmorales1234 says:

    Prem = Kickball

  26. Michél Glatzelinho says:

    Why is it called tiki taka when arsenal played first the very fast one touch football like the invincebles generation about henry,bergkamp,pires and so on.

    They called it: "it's the arsenal like!

    After this barcelona is getting in the calling of tiki taka with a kind of play that is not really the same but comes very close in the way of passing.

  27. youdontknow da1/2 says:

    yea i think so but they also overplay it the most

  28. Adam Núñez says:

    Arsenal rules bro

  29. Ceyhun Zeynalov says:


  30. 6mik78 says:

    Man you just improve in music choice like x1000

  31. Nabeel Ryklief says:

    Wilshere the only english player that can play the tiki taka

  32. Nay Lin says:

    As a red honest manchester, Arsenal is the best tiki taka english team.

  33. Kaiser says:

    Premier League has come a long way from the kick and rush style (though it still exists) in the last 10-15 years. You can thank foreign managers/players for starting all of that. Look at how silky most of the English youth are turning out to be as a result.

  34. Javi Alarcon says:

    Definetly Man city

  35. Dobra Morda says:

    Look a Barcelona and Real

  36. Anonimo Xd 10 says:


  37. Herosennin says:

    I expected 99% of this video to be Arsenal. Dislike.

    Joking tho.

  38. Ilyaas Zaini says:

    2 main reasons..wenger & pep💯

  39. Ilyaas Zaini says:

    2 main reasons..wenger & pep💯

  40. Waris Shah Baba says:

    This is great passing but not tiki taka

  41. Vihan Subramaniam says:

    How many of those players were English? Barely any lol.

  42. Samuel Lee says:

    although I'm not a fan of Arsenal, their tiki taka is the best in premiere league

  43. Hirr Sahperi says:

    Arsenal attacking was good but…… Defend like LGBT

  44. Paul Pogba says:

    Wheres the chelsea goal against leicester where costa passed to hazard and hazard just laid it off with a backheel to fabregas


    fai sempre video sul tiki taka e non ne hai mai fatto uno sul Napoli di Sarri!!! sei ridicolo!!!

  46. Knuckleball Twins says:

    It’s mad how many times Arsenal feature 😱 Quality play! 👏👏👏 Tottenham on the other hand… 😬😂

  47. Suraj Yadav says:

    You meant ARSENAL plays the best tiki-taka 🔴🔴🔥🔥🔥

  48. snork ops gang says:

    Anyone realised that spurs weren't In this Video 🤣🤣🤣

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