49 thoughts on “English teams play the best Tiki-Taka ?!”

  1. Juegan muy bien. pero los defensas parecen conos en la mayoría de goles del vídeo. si no presionan es normal que les hagan eso

  2. Why is it called tiki taka when arsenal played first the very fast one touch football like the invincebles generation about henry,bergkamp,pires and so on.

    They called it: "it's the arsenal like!

    After this barcelona is getting in the calling of tiki taka with a kind of play that is not really the same but comes very close in the way of passing.

  3. Premier League has come a long way from the kick and rush style (though it still exists) in the last 10-15 years. You can thank foreign managers/players for starting all of that. Look at how silky most of the English youth are turning out to be as a result.

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