DIY TIKI BAR UK! 🍹How I Customised My Bar 🌺🍍🍹🌴☀️

Hope you enjoy my video on how I customised my Tiki Bar 🍹🌺
Check out my Tropical Garden Makeover video if you haven’t seen it already (linked below). My Tiki Bar and Tropical Garden are still both a work in progress… I’ll be doing an updated garden tour soon 😀🌴🌺


Custom Bar:
Barrentine wood treatment:
Palm leaf thatch:
Black Bamboo cladding:
Tongue Tite screws:
Festoon, Fairy Lights & Torches:
Oak Tiki carving:
Concrete Tiki carving:
Rustins outdoor clear varnish:
System 3 Acrylic paints:
Beaumont bottle bracket:
Bar decorations: ebay, Amazon, Homesense etc


My Tropical garden Makeover:

(Pls note some of the links below are now affiliate links. I use every single product below)

Baby Bio Fertiliser (during Summer):
AENNON humidifier:
PureAire water filter:
Water misting bottle:
THRIP Control (predatory mites):
CloneX rooting gel:
BOYA microphone:

💚Neem oil spray/drench mix: I use 10ml soap, 5ml Neem oil to 1 litre warm water. Products I use below ⬇️

Horticultural soap:
Neem oil:
Sticky traps:
Fine potting grit:

💚My usual soil mix: Coir compost, orchid bark and perlite 70/10/20 (percent). Sometimes I mix in a bit of household potting soil. Soil mix will depend on type of plant

Coir compost:
Orchid bark:


Plant labels:
My Bosch grass edge cutter:
My new Lawnmower:
Tree Fern Feed:
Grass seed:
Nemaslug (Nematodes):
Shepherd Crook hooks:
Sequestered Iron (for chlorosis):
Flexi-Tie 2.5mm:

Solar rattan lantern grey:
Solar rattan lantern brown:
Lights4Fun pro series Festoon lights multi:
Lights4Fun Festoon lights warm white x 20:
Lights4Fun Pro series fairy lights: I have these in green & warm white
Lights4Fun Plug for PRO SERIES lights:
Bamboo solar torches set:
Bamboo torches battery set x2:
TrueFlame flickering torch:


Most of my plant pots are from IvyLine:

Tiki Bar signs and my ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ signs are hand painted by myself

I use my iphone XS for all photos and filming

🌵Social Media Links:



YouTube audio library: Steel

DREAMS: royalty free music from Bensound

Tropical Island Ukulele (LIGHT) purchased from Envato Market


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42 thoughts on “DIY TIKI BAR UK! 🍹How I Customised My Bar 🌺🍍🍹🌴☀️”

  1. I found your page because I wanted to know how to care for my prayer plant. I just discovered them and I’m in love. After watching a few of your videos today I subscribe. I’ll be visiting YouTube more often again because of your page;). Lots of hugs and love from crazy California

  2. Great video and inspiring to improve my voodoo tiki bar.
    I couldn't get my ideas quite right but this video and your others on plants has.

  3. gorgeous bar and yard… always a work in progress and given your addiction I'm anticipating less grass and more pathways and plantings in the future… LOVE it! absolutely inspiring!

  4. Adorei! Thank you so much for breaking down the steps to your DIY tiki bar. I love it! I am thinking of creating something very similar. I really appreciate how you are so detailed and creative. Thank you! Ciao

  5. it's so brautiful n tropical,I'm sure your friends enjoy it too, I love your signs too it makes it more real and inviting 🙂 you did a fantastic job.

  6. Splendid Bar. You have a really lovely garden/ outdoor space. I am sure you enjoy it as much as we enjoy seeing it on you tube!!

  7. I absolutely love your tiki bar. You are so talented in so many ways. I always am so inspired by your channel. I love the painted signs they are so awesome. My Tiki bar would have to be under my covered deck, I do live in the north and our weather is only good for about 5 months then it gets cold and then snowy. Thanks so much for sharing it is truly beautiful and fun.

  8. All I can say is you are a " Beautiful lady Gifted with very many Talents " Such a Beautiful Tiki Bar and Garden. Just ❤️ how you Magically have placed everything in that Special place there. Very creative and truly a Tropical Paradise 🌴 right in your own back yard….What more could one ask for ??

  9. Oh my word, you should be so proud of what you have created – it’s divine ! Soooo envious ! Lovely idea 🌞🌵🍍

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