DIY TIKI BAR UK! 🍹How I Customised My Bar 🌺🍍🍹🌴☀️

Hope you enjoy my video on how I customised my Tiki Bar 🍹🌺
Check out my Tropical Garden Makeover video if you haven’t seen it already (linked below). My Tiki Bar and Tropical Garden are still both a work in progress… I’ll be doing an updated garden tour soon 😀🌴🌺


Custom Bar:
Barrentine wood treatment:
Palm leaf thatch:
Black Bamboo cladding:
Tongue Tite screws:
Festoon, Fairy Lights & Torches:
Oak Tiki carving:
Concrete Tiki carving:
Rustins outdoor clear varnish:
System 3 Acrylic paints:
Beaumont bottle bracket:
Bar decorations: ebay, Amazon, Homesense etc


My Tropical garden Makeover:

(Pls note some of the links below are now affiliate links. I use every single product below)

Baby Bio Fertiliser (during Summer):
AENNON humidifier:
PureAire water filter:
Water misting bottle:
THRIP Control (predatory mites):
CloneX rooting gel:
BOYA microphone:

💚Neem oil spray/drench mix: I use 10ml soap, 5ml Neem oil to 1 litre warm water. Products I use below ⬇️

Horticultural soap:
Neem oil:
Sticky traps:
Fine potting grit:

💚My usual soil mix: Coir compost, orchid bark and perlite 70/10/20 (percent). Sometimes I mix in a bit of household potting soil. Soil mix will depend on type of plant

Coir compost:
Orchid bark:


Plant labels:
My Bosch grass edge cutter:
My new Lawnmower:
Tree Fern Feed:
Grass seed:
Nemaslug (Nematodes):
Shepherd Crook hooks:
Sequestered Iron (for chlorosis):
Flexi-Tie 2.5mm:

Solar rattan lantern grey:
Solar rattan lantern brown:
Lights4Fun pro series Festoon lights multi:
Lights4Fun Festoon lights warm white x 20:
Lights4Fun Pro series fairy lights: I have these in green & warm white
Lights4Fun Plug for PRO SERIES lights:
Bamboo solar torches set:
Bamboo torches battery set x2:
TrueFlame flickering torch:


Most of my plant pots are from IvyLine:

Tiki Bar signs and my ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ signs are hand painted by myself

I use my iphone XS for all photos and filming

🌵Social Media Links:



YouTube audio library: Steel

DREAMS: royalty free music from Bensound

Tropical Island Ukulele (LIGHT) purchased from Envato Market


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43 Responses

  1. Tully Soulliere says:

    That is such a sweet Tiki Bar ! good job! (O:

  2. Ash Mackay says:

    What's the size of this please

  3. Amber kent says:

    You did a great job! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Maria -mb says:

    I found your page because I wanted to know how to care for my prayer plant. I just discovered them and I’m in love. After watching a few of your videos today I subscribe. I’ll be visiting YouTube more often again because of your page;). Lots of hugs and love from crazy California

  5. miffler69 says:

    Great video and inspiring to improve my voodoo tiki bar.
    I couldn't get my ideas quite right but this video and your others on plants has.

  6. Justin Holloway says:

    Where did you get your drink mix signs?

  7. Maxine F says:

    I could go for a tropical drink about right now. Love 💕 your bar. So creative.

  8. Deborah Bailey says:

    That is totally amazing💛🌼🌻💛🌼💛🌻💛🌼

  9. jenny wagner says:

    gorgeous bar and yard… always a work in progress and given your addiction I'm anticipating less grass and more pathways and plantings in the future… LOVE it! absolutely inspiring!

  10. Wandy Gonzalez says:

    Love it. So pretty. And with the bamboo it looks alot better. Your garden is also so pretty.

  11. Leni Ramirez says:

    Nice🌞🌞🌞Love it!!!

  12. Pamela says:

    Loved it! You are a true artist!

  13. Tropical Gardening says:

    That's looking great! Very nice details!

  14. Ivory Tower says:

    Wow! The artwork is my favorite part. You are truly gifted. Thanks for the inspiration!

  15. Pierou ASMR says:

    I want the same 😍😍

  16. marites g says:

    Very nice. I feel I’m in paradise looking at your garden

  17. Adina Chichirau says:

    Beautiful very creative 😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍

  18. Odeliza says:

    Adorei! Thank you so much for breaking down the steps to your DIY tiki bar. I love it! I am thinking of creating something very similar. I really appreciate how you are so detailed and creative. Thank you! Ciao

  19. Alison says:

    Also i love how you put the lighting around it for the evenings!

  20. Alison says:

    The bamboo does make a big difference! It’s beautiful, i cant wait to make my own

  21. Elaine figueira de carvalho says:

    Very nice! 🍀🌱🌸🥰

  22. Yolanda Rates says:

    it's so brautiful n tropical,I'm sure your friends enjoy it too, I love your signs too it makes it more real and inviting 🙂 you did a fantastic job.

  23. Susanne Hirschauer says:

    So beautiful

  24. Yolanda Rates says:

    it's so brautiful n tropical,I'm sure your friends enjoy it too, I love your signs too it makes it more real and inviting 🙂 you did a fantastic job.

  25. Kathy Gilbreath says:

    Very tropical!! Enjoyed your video!!

  26. John Jones says:

    Splendid Bar. You have a really lovely garden/ outdoor space. I am sure you enjoy it as much as we enjoy seeing it on you tube!!

  27. Elizabeth Greco-Nieves says:

    Great outdoor space, Marvin would be pleased 🤗, so warm and inviting🥰

  28. Debi Hediger says:

    So cute…LETS party! LOL!!!

  29. Louie Pigeonmumbler says:

    YES I ❤️IT …✌️🌿❤️

  30. Holly Hasegawa Nielson says:

    I absolutely love your tiki bar. You are so talented in so many ways. I always am so inspired by your channel. I love the painted signs they are so awesome. My Tiki bar would have to be under my covered deck, I do live in the north and our weather is only good for about 5 months then it gets cold and then snowy. Thanks so much for sharing it is truly beautiful and fun.

  31. Callie White says:

    Great video!! 😊🌱👍

  32. Dyna N-Spired says:

    It's great! My favorite part is the name and the signs you made. You're very talented!

  33. Jacquelyn says:

    All I can say is you are a " Beautiful lady Gifted with very many Talents " Such a Beautiful Tiki Bar and Garden. Just ❤️ how you Magically have placed everything in that Special place there. Very creative and truly a Tropical Paradise 🌴 right in your own back yard….What more could one ask for ??

  34. Sally Edmondson says:

    Oh my word, you should be so proud of what you have created – it’s divine ! Soooo envious ! Lovely idea 🌞🌵🍍

  35. Barbara Lindberg says:

    Beautiful. Love that you can do DIY.

  36. Ольга Жусупова says:


  37. Lenora Dernoga says:

    You are so creative and artistic!

  38. Renata Castt says:

    Very nice 💞💕

  39. veronica linn says:

    Love love love 🌺🍹

  40. shining star says:

    That is so beautiful. I am watching this on my phone and the video is so clear! You can see every detail.

  41. Christina Von Heidenstam says:

    what do you do with all this in the winter time

  42. Zoka Maric says:


  43. Richard Vill Garden says:

    So beautiful! It is very inspiring. Can't wait for the tour 😊

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