Dancing Tiki As Seen On TV

Dancing Tiki As Seen On TV Lights are something I was wanting to get to help decorate my pool this summer. the As Seen On TV Solar Tiki Torches seemed like the obvious choice. Here in this video you will see me put them to the test. These flickering lights could be backyard lighting plus! Watch this demo and find out!! Feel free to check out my other You Tube product reviews.

Here I tested out the solar Dancing Tiki Light and solar The Tiki Lamp.
The Dancing Tiki Light came out a champ and The Tiki Light didn’t even light up. The Dancing Tiki Light has a natural looking flame bulb and lasts for hours!

Everything used in making this video can be ordered here:
iphone X :
Generic Solar Tiki Lamp :

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  1. Tony's Reviews says:

    Everything used in making this video can be ordered here:
    iphone X : @t
    Generic Solar Tiki Lamp : @t

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  2. Vera Tunes says:

    Solar is always good for the summer season super efficient
    thank for sharing
    watched all the way till the end. thanks for sharing

  3. Ladyfarmer thinksBIG says:

    i need many dancing tiki light for my farm,yay i hope they have it here in the Philippines….ill look online now,thanks Tony

  4. AnnSeng & Family Vlogs says:

    Love your tiki lamp thank you for sharing !!!!

  5. JENPAL YSANG -Thrifty Fashionista says:

    Nice review Tony on tiki lamp and tiki light.

  6. Dan Anderson says:

    Thank you so much for sharing my brother tony your awesome. You should absolutely push those thethuuy

  7. wawan nawaw says:

    Keren lanjut kan terus bosss , sukses selalu 😊✌

  8. Sagittarian Beauty says:

    Maybe the tiki lamp needs to stay longer in the sun more than five hours to work… Great review as always

  9. Charles Gilmore 3 says:

    I appreciate the reviews. Too funny. I would go for the light before the lamp.

  10. Hello TiffyBell says:

    That's kinda neat

  11. Judia's Life says:

    Hi Tony, nice meeting you here! Wow, such a well done review! One of the great reviews I've ever watched.

  12. Italian Queen says:

    That's pretty cool…… Ty for sharing….💜🇮🇹

  13. Nicole Northgarden says:

    As a newer subscriber, tell me where pantry pizza people comes from? 😂😂

  14. Officially Misty says:

    Hi there! New fam here. Great review! Now I need to find these dancing tiki lights for my camper. Let’s stay connected. Have a fabulous day! 😊💕☀️

  15. MinxLaura123 ASMR says:

    My internet crush !! ! 🙂 great vid friend

  16. MN NICE GAMING says:

    3:53 😂a side of tony I’ve never seen before I love it! And looks like your pick on the favorite looking one worked great ! Sucks that other one didn’t work

  17. The Laughing Lion says:

    Hey Tony, i came via The Susie Channel referral so i subscribed #1465. Dancing Tiki light wins!
    Thanks for your support too!

  18. The Albert Family says:

    Cool video

  19. BLOOD x says:

    Hello tony …great channel …awesome stuff …i hit the like …

  20. Miss Dee says:

    I wanted you to stay outside with that lamp for all 8 hours, Tony 😝😝😝

  21. DemonKing Aamon says:

    Awesome vid friend..^^ I like the shorter one!


    Great job well done thanks for sharing cheers 👍👍🇬🇧

  23. Everything Spicy says:

    That's cool. Those would work well around our pool

  24. stevesworld says:

    These look awesome. I have never even heard of them before. It is unfortunate that the one did not work. Thanks so much for sharing!

  25. AnnSeng & Family Vlogs says:

    Love your tiki lamp thank you for sharing !!!!

  26. Gaming Plus TV says:

    Awesome upload, keep it coming. Liked 20

  27. Jeff reviews4u says:

    Bummer. One works one doesn't. I do like the way it looks. I am going to have to get a few if those. Thanks for your detailed review. Look forward to zapping some bugs next!

  28. Coffey Outdoors says:

    Great video Tony. Well done

  29. KweenyTodd says:

    Love your tiki torch lights review!

  30. jalen best in games says:

    Good video

  31. Chris Contra says:

    Informative and entertaining review Tony!

  32. The Bee Lady Apiary 9992 says:

    Hi, Very nice light. My personal preference for summer outside lighting has always been solar. I can't begin to imagine all the electrical cords that would be needed otherwise. I really like the "lamp pole light you showed us" I am going to search through your videos for your review on it. Take care!

  33. Dahhhling’s Pearls says:

    I love tiki torches. I had a bunch of them in my backyard for my birthday. Had one on each side of my princess chair too lol. Thank you for sharing. 💜

  34. Artfully Yours with Diana says:

    Great review Tony ❤️😍❤️ Love your humorous elements 😂😂😂. Your videos are always packed full of fun content !

  35. EL ROSE Luvs Journey says:

    Nice lamp for the dark lol great one

  36. April Leighann says:

    Another great video Tony!! I need some of the taller ones around our pool.

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