| CORRECTED | WEKI MEKI 위키미키 – TIKI-TAKA (99%) | Line Distribution

| CORRECTED | WEKI MEKI 위키미키 – TIKI-TAKA (99%) | Line Distribution

Intro: Mamamoo – Gleam

Song: Weki Meki – Tiki-Taka (99%)

Outro: NCT Dream – Boom

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All rights are reserved to Rainbow Bridge Entertainment (Intro)
All rights are reserved to Fantagio (Song)

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28 Responses

  1. wenshook says:

    i have just been a ki-ling for a few months but I've noticed that Lua has mostly the least lines, and it gets worst every comeback. Is there a reason why?

  2. Andrea Reyes says:

    Wth????? I didnt know that 1.1 sec is really possible for a single person to sing.
    Ahm….. did she really sing? This is beyond unfair ghaaad

  3. Kimchi Mango says:

    SMH LUA DOESNT EVEN HAVE THAT 1% THAT 99% IS MISING -_- THATS when u know u messed up
    Like um are you JOKING ME. Lua got lines in their debut song then after that…oof
    Lalala 4 seconds Crush 10 seconds Picky Picky 7 seconds Tiki Taka 1 second wow mkay what’s next
    Lucy got lines in Picky Picky but like rlly now 5 seconds?
    Rina is on and off situation sometimes she gets focused on sometimes she gets hella ignored.
    Elly is getting more and more lines she literally went from I don’t like your girlfriend 2 times to 21 seconds.
    Sei usually gets liens so it’s okay that she doesn’t many this time
    Suyeon Doyeon And Yoojung rLLY need some weight taken off them like rlly now I love them too, but this is excessive

  4. sugakih says:

    My poor baby Lua ): they never give her the lines she deserves

  5. Sebastian Fernández says:


  6. Kpop is Life says:

    I honestly didn’t know that Lua had a line.

  7. mochitozaki says:

    this is terrible, i feel extremely bad for lua 🙁

  8. LegionOfMusic says:

    Suyeon and Doyeon ft Yoojung. Special appearance by those weki meki bitches.

  9. Hà Phương says:

    Where Lua's line? Where her scene?

  10. Cats Are The Best says:

    love how fair this distribution is😍

  11. Taehyungs Princess says:

    Studio: OK Lua come in and sing your part.
    Lua: takes a breathe
    Studio: OK ur done thanks for your hard work fighting.

  12. mateo alexander says:

    No entiendo….simplemente por que las empresas hacen esto…colocan trainers de relleno, el sueño para muchos..por que quizás no es el de todos es ser cantante…y pues las empresas juegan con eso…me parece muy injusto que le hagan esto a LUA y LUCY si para 6 segundo entre ambas de canto mejor no las hubiesen hecho debutar…aunque eso no es el chiste de esta situación…lit se que DOEYON SUYEON YOOJUNG son main vocal y toda la cuestión pero con qué le den 5 segundos más de lo que cantan cada una de ellas a LUCY Y LUA creo que sonaría igual de genial la canción….se que este no es el único grupo con distribuciones malas….pasaba en Gfriend con SOWON pasa en COSMIC GRILS…pasa hasta en IZ*ONE…y lo único que quisiera es justicia para estos chic@s que lo único que quieren es cumplir sus sueños c:

  13. na sa says:


  14. foreign swagger jae says:

    my bias lua deserves better 😤

  15. Pedro Vieira says:

    Lua trained for 4 years to sing just 1 second. That's ridiculous.

  16. Isadora Cardoso Carvalho says:

    Mano a lua n canta

  17. Chaengs lion says:

    Can you make a tiki Taka line distribution without Suyeon? They performed without her today and I wonder how the line distribution is

  18. Hayden says:

    is it really that hard for the producer to let all the girls have a fair amount of singing time?

  19. A Maior MyDay Do Site says:


  20. Nicole says:

    Other than fantiago giving lua no lines this is actually fair. So all they have to do is give at least 1 second from each member

  21. DollieTea says:

    Lua: h-
    Fantagio: okay good enough we'll call you for the next comeback

  22. Mikhal Canoot says:

    #fillergroup #justiceforlua

  23. Alex Black says:

    😬 Rip lua

  24. Vk iu của Híp says:

    Ủa nguyên cái MV là line của LuA có 1s 😕…sao bất công quá vậy 😡

  25. drag says:

    lmao honestly it's time for fantagio to pull yoojung and doyeon out of wekimeki after the ioi comeback and just debut them as a duo.

  26. zbdjdudfks says:

    루아누군데 파트없음?ㄷㄷ

  27. jaw.knee says:

    I’m shocked Fantagio let this happen for Lua. I’m used to Astro’s amazingly fair line distributions (let’s not talk about hide and seek). It’s understandable if this was their debut song. But it’s not, it’s their 5th title track! They should have given more to Lua 💢💢💢💢💢

  28. E aí SN? says:

    So….. Do yall know lua in portuguese is moon?! 😇😍

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