BUSTED? Is It True That Child Rapper Bra Alex Stole The Confession Song From Everlasting Tiki?

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42 Responses

  1. brightner ANTWI says:

    Agreed braa Alex copied the song it’s clear to any person think straight


    Good boy for your humbleness you will go higher forget about it and move forward
    BIZZAY berekum

  3. Kofi Acheampong says:

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 Everlasting Tiki

  4. Stephen Gyasi Kobins says:

    is true I have this song

  5. Kwadjo Asare says:

    I know this song long time from tiki

  6. Shakerbeatz Gh says:

    Its true… Chenseebeatz is my friend. I told him immediately i heard Bra Alex's confession song. Everlasting's song trended across Kumasi in the year 2016-17

  7. Kwadjo Asare says:

    bra alex stole it

  8. Kwadjo Asare says:

    how can I follow him

  9. Rayble tv σffícíαlѕ says:


  10. Rayble tv σffícíαlѕ says:

    thíѕ rєαllч whαt wє cαllєd rαp.

  11. kofi Wiper says:

    Herr I no this guy

  12. Francis Senyo says:

    life is a lot of things, karma they say is a bitch.

  13. Kwame Nkrumah Ghana says:

    I advice you sue them if you have enough finance and evidence to back your case…however its a copyright issue..!!

  14. Kwame Nkrumah Ghana says:

    I remember sharing this song on my facebook timeline and several facebook platforms….that was in 2017..I even asked to be linked to the owner of the song…he is very creative.
    He is being Honest

  15. michael Ofosu Anim says:

    This rapper is dope. It’s obvious bra Alex stole the idea and some lines from this rapper.

  16. Kofi Gyamfi says:

    2 different songs
    I don't see anything stolen
    Nobody can claim copyright if even tiki released the song.
    Bro you are doing good. Look for your hit Bro,

  17. Kwadwo Boahen says:

    I said de same tin when I heard bra Alex confession.. I heard diz abeisem 2017

  18. Akan Ankama otu Evans says:

    Hard work pays tiki I respect your hussel but he is not bragging he is dope

  19. tony populous says:

    Masa 2015 na sarkodie do bebeba

  20. Yaw Asamoah says:

    I heard this before hearing Bra Alex confession

  21. Starz xclusive Showbiz says:

    and from the look of things the guy is not eye red ooo cos he even said bra alex can stream with it ….brother vhim

  22. Starz xclusive Showbiz says:

    YEAH bra sammy i also heared tiki"s track wey back in shs when i also use to play during entertainment and everybody enjoyed….big ups ever


    Everlasting Tikki

  24. Just Angie says:

    Just forget if it's for you. Karma is real

  25. Yflick Gh says:

    Tiki is soo good😍😍😍

  26. Rich Khid says:

    I think bra Alex stole a few lines but there is a big difference tho

  27. Bernard Nyamah says:

    Everlasting Tikis song was banging in swedru senior high school we were wondering if it was the remix that BRA Alex did but it turned out to be something differnt

  28. Evans Ofori says:

    But it’s not the same at all 😀!! Only Nana Addo and Akorabeto names both of you used . Better work hard 😓 my brother, you’re good though…

  29. Unruly Twitch says:

    Is true. I have heard dix song Seens 2018.. Bh dat we don't no him.

  30. Native X Media says:

    Tiki guy is good. They both have similar concept. I think management of bra Alex and Tiki should make amends. Lets support these 2 young guys

  31. Kyeibaffour Seth says:

    tlki you talk too much why

  32. Samad Alonso says:

    Tiki undoubtedly good
    His concept might hv bn copied bt not stolen by BraAlex
    I can say even Tiki copied a similar concept from Kinata n Donzy(confession) n also Strongman(obituary) just see how these songs flow n u ll understand
    We r in a free world

  33. Nana Qwame says:

    Is real bra Alex stole the track

  34. Samuel Amankwah says:

    Tiki, move on we dey ur back

  35. adams habib says:

    This song tended in Kumasi especially tafo way back 2k17

  36. adams habib says:

    Yeah I know this Guy wow

  37. WAMMY EMPIRE says:

    True.. Heard this song long time

  38. Fanasek mhuzik says:

    I heard this song way back 2016… I said it immediately Bra Alex released his own. Bra Alex is very good but they just have to credit Tiki for the concept.

  39. Adade SUZZY says:

    Eìiii this guy talk ooo hmmm asemooo,but it's only 2 line's

  40. STATE BOIZ says:

    Ebi true
    The track ebi Tiki ein own

  41. Ahenkorah Clinton says:

    tiki i really like you buh move on and trust me you are gonna be hit

  42. Prince Cobbson says:

    Love u soo much Tiki. Pls take heart

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