Budget Pink/Purple 60% Keyboard – GK61 Optical Mechanical Keyboard Review

GK61+ Pink/Purple DSA keycaps = A Killer Combo!

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Music: Ghost – Ikson

source: https://dinhk.net/

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24 Responses

  1. pointshit says:

    I still haven't subscribed because you're french. JK ofcourse XD

  2. Donte says:

    does razer purple optical switches work on this keyboard or only gateron optical switches

  3. Ave says:

    This or the dierya?

  4. Jakey Kinky says:

    Got mine for 34usd

  5. gameover x says:

    What mouse pad are you using at the end of the video?
    Please I really want that one it’s the correct size for me

  6. paolo romero says:

    @2:45 is that a pube?

  7. matthew rittenhouse says:

    OMG! Your fucking voice is torture!

  8. ѕιlєитツ says:

    Does anybody know if the blue optical switches are actually clicky

  9. Clockw1se says:

    Can I put Rubber Tai Hao Keycaps? I don't like the keycaps you chose because they don't have text…

  10. TEM GAMES says:


  11. BlanxFN says:

    It all sounded good until i heard the stabs

  12. Dominic Lawrence Sygaco says:

    Gk61 has a really bad software

  13. Jazzsper says:

    whats the response time?

  14. marinacsmrad says:

    One question: response time on this and gk64?

  15. Cybernix says:

    And nevertheless, I preferred to add and take Anne Pro 2. And I do not regret at all. Quality, pbt, well-oiled stabilizers and support for Linux. I am so pleased that I wrote a thankful letter in Obinslab XD

  16. Carson Logan says:

    2mm Actuation

  17. samlee458 says:

    Great review man. Looking forward to the software review. Thx

  18. Serval_Mx5 says:

    shut it

  19. Daniel Baek says:

    Thank you!!!!!

  20. Daniel Baek says:


  21. SuperAçãoGeek says:

    Nice video. The optical switches are louder than I've thought.

  22. HUNTER says:

    Wow tfue keyboard haha good vidéo dude 😄

  23. OfficialWeeaboo says:

    one view and two likes? we drunk again

  24. RGBvrs says:

    I love all of your keyboard videos. You helped me find the exact keyboard i wanted! Thanks!

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