Asus TUF RGB GAMING M5 Mouse and K5 Keyboard Review

We would like you to welcome new reviewer Vaughan to the KitGuru team today. This is his first video for us and today he is looking at the new ASUS TUF M5 Gaming Mouse and K5 Gaming Keyboard. You can read the full review over at

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9 Responses

  1. guy fawkes says:

    How does this mouse work on CSGO?

  2. Furkan Bey says:

    you took all of my energy

  3. Nazyul Ardhi says:

    when the English teacher gave you the task of making videos

  4. Ginger Bread says:

    i like honest review!

  5. Fireleaf says:

    Amazing Review but you should add background music and have more energy. But other than that, Great review.

  6. KingSleY Luk says:

    This Keyboard or CoolerMaster Devastator 3 is the Best?

  7. Albal156 says:

    A great review but some constructive criticism…. During the parts where you are looking at the Armoury crate software I think it would be better if you maintained eye conact with the camera a bit more or forgoed the facecam altogether as it doesn't feel as natural as other Kitguru reviewers (though this is your first review so its perfectly understandable and fine.) There could also be more energy and enthusiasm here but this will definitely come with more experience once you put out more reviews. But this was a great first time review and I can't wait to see more!

  8. Craig Hinkle says:

    Constructive criticism
    Trying to get into this channel, but feeling a little melancholy. There's no energy or enthusiasm to the review. I am subscribed and watch fairly regularly. I know this is an informational video but a little higher energy would be appreciated. I'm not trying to be disparaging and think the channel has great potential.

  9. Furious Gaming says:


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